How To Take A Twitter Break Like A Writer #Writer #AmWriting

How To Tweet Like A

Here’s some advice on how to take a twitter break like a writer:


  • Give in to the urge. The urge to go on Twitter is very similar to itching a spot. Fingers start twitching and you will take a couple of sharp breaths whilst trying to ignore it. The urge to tweet is much stronger for writers so you will need to give into it.
  • Justification – All good writers will justify the need to go on Twitter. Writers always feel guilty for tearing themselves away from their work, it can be heart wrenching to step away from an awkward draft. All writing breaks have to be justified – sigh!
    • You will say the following things to yourself before you open up Twitter:
      • “I am writer and I need to interact with other writers” 
      • “I need to grow my Twitter profile so that future publishers will love me”
      • “I have to tweet regularly. It’s written into my writer  DNA”
      • “I am interested to see what other writers are tweeting about / not tweeting about!”
      • “I am writing in ten minute slots, after each ten minute slot I will have an hour-long Twitter break. Yea it really works for me, I get so focused….on my writing and Twitter” – sigh!
  • Dive straight in – You will check out some of your followers, follow some famous authors, tweet a couple of famous authors, tweet a couple of writing related quotes and then before you know it a good hour or so will have passed. Where did that time go?
  • Denial – If someone comments on the amount of time you are spending on Twitter launch into denial mode straight away. Use some of the following:
    • “Tweets are only 140 characters so it’s hardly brain taxing!”
    • “I can can write and tweet at the same time!”
    • “Excuse me – I am growing a literary fan base!”
    • “Publishers will want some of my tweeting action sooner or later”
    • “I don’t tweet as much as you think, I am rarely on Twitter….(touch nose a lot as it starts to feel like it’s growing)
  • News Feed Watch. Spend a lot of valuable writing time scrolling and watching your Twitter news feed. No one will know what you are looking for and in some situations neither will you. Its easier than writing.
  • Twitter Disappointment. Get disappointed if no one retweets or likes your tweets. Huff and puff about how your relationship with Twitter, announce to loved ones that your love affair with Twitter is over and threaten to come off Twitter for undefined amount of time.
  • Twitter Love. Rush back to Twitter later on and get excited over someone liking one of your tweets.


Happy Tweeting writers!


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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

45 thoughts on “How To Take A Twitter Break Like A Writer #Writer #AmWriting

  1. (Same comment repeated on Ape’s blog 🙂 )Very interesting take on authors tweeting. I happen to think it takes a different level of creativity to write something meaningful in a short tweet and it forces you to be economical with words in a way other writing does not. Thought provoking article. 🙂

  2. Wow, you struck a nerve. I feel that’s what I’ve pretty been doing this weekend, you no matter how much I want to deny my Twitter breaks.
    Great post, blondeusk 🙂 Happy sunday!

  3. Twitter is my Achilles heel, I admit it. It’s there. All tempting and full of words. How’s a writer to resist? (Though I’d never have the confidence to tweet to an author I admire, gushing or not.)

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