When Should I Disturb a Writer? #Writer #Amwriting

Disturbing a writer whilst they are at the creative coalface  is not advisable. Writers are dealing with so much in fantasy land that any sort of interruption or disturbance can make them see red.

When should you avoid disturbing a writer?

  • If the writer has overcome a painful episode of writer’s block and has just started writing. Disturbing a writer in this situation could result in you receiving a screech, a yell or even a scream.
  • If the writer is in the middle of writing a steamy romantic scene and is showing visible signs of literary enjoyment (cheeky smile, wide eyes and flushed cheeks). Avoid disturbing the writer in this situation, if you do disturb you are in danger of receiving a loud sigh or a roll of the eyes.
  • If the writer is huffing and puffing over a plot or character issue. They need to be given time to work it through. At this tense time in the literary process they don’t need to be interrupted. Stay well clear for your own safety. Think literary minefield!
  • If the writer is actually writing. Given the amount of distractions a writer struggles with on a daily basis any writing  from them should be viewed in the same way as a miracle would be. Don’t disturb it, let it happen and just walk away.

When can you disturb a writer?

  • If the writer has been staring into space for some time  and they have a blank laptop screen or an empty page in front of them. Nothing much is happening here on the creative front so go ahead and disturb them. They will be grateful for the interruption.
  • If the writer is busy tidying their writing desk, their desk drawers, pencil holder and shelves around them. They are busy procrastinating. Nothing is going to happen here for a while so interrupt them. Talking to you will be a welcomed distraction from tidying and avoiding doing some writing.
  • If the writer is staring blankly at Twitter. Their literary masterpiece will not be written in the next half hour so ask them if they want a cup of tea?
  • If the writer has just returned from a Writer’s Nap. They are busy yawning and stretching at the desk. It will take them a while to get creatively warmed up  so seize your chance to talk to them.
  • If the writer is suffering from writer’s block and is sat looking strained at a blank screen. Your distraction will be a welcome break from trying to force out one little word.

How does one go about disturbing a writer?

  • Be gentle and patient!
  • Take it slow – dragging a writer out of fantasy land too quickly can bring on extreme writer irritation.
  • Go armed – with a cup of tea / coffee / hot beverage for them.
  • Talk softly to them.
  • Don’t disturb them with minor troubles like there being no food in the cupboards, the house being a mess, the living room carpet needing a vacuum or no clean clothes to wear. If you are going to risk your life disturbing a writer make sure it’s for a good reason!

Happy Disturbing!


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Lucy Mitchell lives in South Wales with her husband, her two teenage daughters, a giant labrador and a gang of unruly cats. Lucy is the author of the award winning blog, BlondeWriteMore and was a Featured Romance Author on Wattpad. When she’s not working or writing, Lucy can be found listening to audiobooks in a muddy field with her dog or sat outside her local pub in the sunshine enjoying a glass of wine. Her debut novel Instructions Falling In Love Again is OUT now and already pulling in some fabulous reviews ❤️

63 thoughts on “When Should I Disturb a Writer? #Writer #Amwriting

  1. You always have good images! Can i use whatever image from Google if i credit them? I’ve been taking my down out of fear lately.

  2. Why am I only allowed to Like this once? I’ll now send to Electra, to let her know.

    An irreverent note: I’ve noticed that I make a ton of typos when writing steamy romantic scenes. Is it just me, or is that true with everyone?

      1. Nah… Although we do work side-by-side. She helps a lot with my social media (she’s the one posting all those cute animal photos and videos on Facebook, for example). And of course she’s my partner in the day job. So we do spend the whole day together.

  3. Great post! I find phones ringing, especially the land line with PPI nonsense, really annoying. And as I’m looking for work, switching it off is not an option.

  4. “Beware a writer is plotting”
    The only “valid” reason I can think of is to feed the writer or to serve hot beverage ☕ Great post, blondeusk.

  5. My daughter, being a child, has a sixth sense for that moment when I’ve just sat down to write. That’s when she decides she needs food/clothes/to ‘do cooking’/drinks/me to ‘watch something’. I love her dearly, but have on occasion told her she is not to disturb me for fifteen minutes ‘unless she is on fire.’ She knows I’m serious when I say that 😀

  6. I can never hide the fact that I am searching the Net instead of writing. My husband will disturb me during critical tweets and replies. It’s so annoying to be disturbed when you’re pretending to write.
    “I’m writing, honey!” Oops gotta go now.

  7. Last night the clients tried to invite me out for drinks. I invented fake reports i wasn’t finished with to write my chapter.

  8. 😱 I am very much guilty of angrily responding to such interruptions with ‘go away I’m writing’ and that’s the clean version. I do however respond well to coaxing and bribery?

  9. So true. And now would be an okay time to disturb me as I’m reading blogs and catching up on comments. But I’m with PRClarke up there. ^^^ I respond quite angrily to being interrupted. It’s not pretty. Not at all. Hot beverages aren’t a good idea here. (Scalding of the trespasser…)

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