Why Life Between Drafts Feels Like Living In Wilderness #writers #writerslife


Why Life Between Drafts Feels Like Living in Wilderness

  1. You feel lost. Your draft has been a huge part of your life. You basically ate, slept and hung out with each other for months and now that its gone (resting in a drawer or out for feedback) you feel lost without it.
  2. You feel disorientated. Whilst writing your draft you knew the direction your story was taking you. Now that your novel draft is no longer with you are starting to doubt the direction. The path ahead seems unclear.
  3. You are weary. Each draft of your novel saps your energy.
  4. You feel alone. Others around you are at different stages of their novel journeys. They don’t seem to have reached the same desolate spot that you now find yourself in.
  5. You feel trapped. Until your draft novel returns (from resting in a writing folder or until your reviewers have given their feedback) you cannot move on from this weird place.
  6. You feel emotional. You can’t stop thinking about whether this literary journey was worth it, whether you will ever feel like your old self again and why you can’t stop breaking down in floods of tears when someone mentions it.
  7. You sense trouble is ahead. You know that working on your next draft is not going to be easy. In fact it’s going to be a hard slog. Those dark mysterious hills in the distance represent your next draft.
  8. You are a bit scared. This is new and unfamiliar territory.
  9. You know you have to carry on. Something inside you which you can’t explain is pushing you to go on with your journey. You have tried giving up but you can’t do it.

I have been wandering aimlessly around the wilderness for ages after finishing my second draft. I can tick all of the above emotions.

However I feel like I am now ready to move on and head for those hills!

Good luck writers!



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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

44 thoughts on “Why Life Between Drafts Feels Like Living In Wilderness #writers #writerslife

  1. Thank you for this! I just finished my second novel and after a year with it and my first story, going through multiple drafts, everyone said put them down, step back, let them rest. And it was the worst month ever! You need a break they all said…I needed to write. I understand the letting our novels rest and going back with fresh eyes, but I will never let someone talk me out of doing something I love! I am just glad I am not the only oddity who doesn’t enjoy the down time. 🙂

      1. It took me a week to figure out what my problem was because I am such a happy girl! 🙂 I am in great company and congratulations! If you ever need a beta reader let me know! Much <3!

      1. Because that was incredibly productive… You really ought to learn how to listen. I know you can’t change the core of who you are, but when it comes to achieving goals, you do have to change behavioral patterns at times. I have to do the same at times too.

  2. Why a writer writes? Why do we breathe?

    I always write, even when I don’t put words to paper or to screen, as I always breathe. I’m writing also when I’m staring at the mountains or am marveling at the waves the wind creates on a meadow.

    Start a new draft 😉

      1. Omg i just got like 6 unread comments from people. I like the one where u choked on your wine because that foxy orchid only bus three times a year lol!

  3. You can do this, and you WILL do this, these are all true, the stages you describe…but it will be worth the slog, when it is complete and ‘out there’ and you know what pain you went through to get it there…cannot WAIT to read a complete version of your novel….Go LB x

    1. Oooooh that’s a good idea! You do have your uses Nicholas. I am in the depths of mid novel depression after my loved one read it and told me ‘another six months work!’ 😱

      1. Ouch! And he’s still your loved one? Brave girl…

        What do you mean, I have my uses? Of course I have my uses! For example, I make an excellent door stop, thanks to my rotund belly. Plus, Electra has me open jars of any kind and shape all the time.

  4. What I do when I finish a draft is get right to work on a new book. It’s the only way I keep my paws off the old one. And never, ever let a loved one read it first. The first polished draft is for writers ONLY. Would you feel better by reading? I can send you an ARC of Marred, if you want. I hate to see you so blue.

  5. I’ve got so many stories on the go that I’m always writing/editing something. In fact, I think I’ve got too many on the go. Sigh. Facing the draft 2 of them all. it’s hard.

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