The Writer’s Pinterest Break #writers #Writerslife #Pinterest

The Writer's Pinterest Break

The Writer’s Pinterest Break is an enjoyable one. It can also be one which helps alleviate writing stress. Fast one-finger pinning action can make a writer feel better after some negative feedback, a painful editing session or even when they are struggling to kill off a much loved character.

There are several stages to this:

  1. Pin Urge. You will become aware of a little voice inside your head, on repeat, saying “I want to pin something, I want to pin something, I want to pin something”.  The urge to pin  may arise from one of the following situations:
    1. You will be suffering from Writer Tweet exhaustion. After a long Writer’s Twitter break you still won’t be in the mood for writing. It’s so frustrating when this happens. So you jump onto Pinterest and swap tweeting for pinning.
    2. You will be suffering from a low mood. It’s during these unhappy moments in our life that we turn to staring at pretty sparkly things to cheer ourselves up. The beauty of Pinterest is that you can sit and stare at pretty sparkly things but not mess up your living room carpet. You jump onto Pinterest and start pinning pretty stuff / staring at pretty sparkly stuff until your mood lifts.
    3. You will be in the middle of a creative breakdown and close to screaming “I want to quit writing!”.  You will get the urge to nip onto Pinterest and start furiously pinning motivational quotes about not quitting stuff.
    4. You will decide to do a creative warm up before you start writing. You will say to yourself “I am just going to pin some stuff before I start writing”.  Three hours later you resurface after some heavy pinning action.
  2. Justification. You will need to justify the time spent pinning random images and articles. You may find yourself using the following justifications:
    1. “Publishers and agents want me to have a Pinterest following”
    2. “A literary agent could ‘pin’ one of my images and that could be the start of a beautiful working relationship
    3. “I am a writer so I need to be on top of articles and images about writing”
    4. “I have been longing for a new form of writing distraction and God has given me Pinterest!”
  3. The Pinterest Break. You dive onto Pinterest. Your pinning action will start off as search, sigh, pin. As your Writer’s Pinterest break develops your one-finger pinning will increase in speed…until you have noticed the sky outside has changed from day to night.
  4. Guilt. It’s not easy reviewing what you have achieved in a day when all you have to show for yourself is 100 pinned images, 24 tweets and 0 words on paper. Just go back to the justification reasons.
  5. Hope. You will get a couple of new Pinterest followers and several likes on one of your boards. This will give you a warm glow and make you forget about your productivity concerns. You will tell yourself that you are a writer and pinning stuff is one way of growing your social media following! Sigh!

Happy Pinning writers!






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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

28 thoughts on “The Writer’s Pinterest Break #writers #Writerslife #Pinterest

  1. Most people don’t care about Pinterest or about you having a “following” through it, unless it’s for book covers and merchandising.

    It is SO addictive that when I first started using it, I found myself pinning hundreds of things every hour. I’ve since stopped, only pinning on occasion, but I can totally see how people spend an entire day on there. It’s awesome.

  2. I love how you justify this to yourself. I’m not on pininterest, with Twitter and keeping up with your blogs it’s enough to keep me busy. I’m sure you’ve been very productive though 😉
    I saw you wrote a blog battle story so you’ve written something… 🙂

  3. I’m at the end of a Pinterest break right now. Thinking of getting back into it. Y’know, for story research, and stuff….

      1. I’ve already found I prefer it to stumbleupon. Stumble seems to be fine for timewasting, whereas pintrest feels more like…purposeful browsing.

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