12 Signs You’re Not Handling The Death Of Your Fictional Character Very Well #Writers #Amwriting


Signs You Are Not Handling the Death of Your Fictional Character Very Well


  1. You can’t mention your character’s name without breaking down.
  2. You keep on taking some long solitary walks in the rain.
  3. You take a day off work to get over your fictional character bereavement, telling your boss someone ‘close’ to you has died.
  4. You organise a funeral in the back garden and ask uninterested loved ones to attend.
  5. You create a shrine in the living room for your late fictional character and ask loved ones to write some heartfelt messages and leave small floral tributes.
  6. You rename your beloved pet after your character and ignore confused animal stares.
  7. You rewrite your character’s death so they didn’t actually die.
  8. You submit their obituary to your local newspaper.
  9. You make several late night calls to an emotional support helpline.
  10. Your grief is so bad that loved ones start to compare it to your grief over the death of one of your own relatives.
  11. You change your own name.
  12. You organise for your character to have a burial at sea. You hire a rowing boat, row a bit, stand up whilst hurling  your script into the water whilst shouting you will always love them.

Take it easy writers!


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42 thoughts on “12 Signs You’re Not Handling The Death Of Your Fictional Character Very Well #Writers #Amwriting

  1. I went through some of these stages but the character wasn’t mine (although I had done some fanfic) it was a character from my spirit guide author’s books.

    I can’t imagine how I would deal with a character that was of my own creation (isn’t it murder…. of sorts? )

      1. I do know people who get upset when killing off a character, or end up getting a lot of hate mail when they do. I tend to know ahead of time if they’re a temporary or expendable character. Everyone is different. Since I borrow from my real life, anyone that gets killed off probably had it coming.

      1. Lol – cool! You’ll be the silent one who drives me crazy trying to figure out what she wants 😀

        No, but seriously. I have this character who dies at the end of book one, and it drove me nuts. I had written down his story arc in book 2 and everything, then I find myself describing his unexpected death. At first I considered revisiting that chapter. Then I figured that, a death that surprised me, surely would surprise the reader as well.

        Cue the reactions you mention above…

  2. I spent three weeks trying to find a way to keep the plot going without killing off one of my characters, then mourned his loss for about three weeks and thought that was over the top. I feel better after reading this.

  3. So true! I mourned for weeks when I killed off a favourite character – I couldn’t even go back to edit my writing, as I couldn’t bear to read it. Even though, no matter how I looked at it, I had to kill them off, it made me terribly sad. My husband thought I was nuts 😀

  4. That last one made me laugh. 😀 I rarely kill characters off for these very reasons. I can’t bear the idea of never writing them again. Though, in fantasy, I could always bring them back as ghosts, I suppose. 🙂 I like that thought.

  5. I can only imagine. I get upset when reading a book or watching a show and someone that I love dies. If it was my own creation, it would be harder still. Are you wearing black and grief eating?

  6. I can so relate to this post. The first time I had to kill off a much loved character was almost an impossible task for me. It took me three weeks to pluck up the courage and I had friends asking me “Is he dead yet?” whenever I bumped into them. The plus side was, I wrote an extra two chapters while avoiding the death scene. In the end, I copped out by having his body discovered. I even wrote a blog post on how difficult it was. Even though this was a fictitious character, I couldn’t believe how much a part of my life he had become. After that, it got easier and now I’m a ‘serial killer’ lol. 😉

    1. Lol! I struggled emotionally with a character I killed last year. Even now as I write this I can feel a tug on my heart strings deep inside me. Happy Friday Jean

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