The Difference Between Novels and Stories #Writer #Amwriting


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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

20 thoughts on “The Difference Between Novels and Stories #Writer #Amwriting

  1. Ugh. I get this. I have a novel draft sitting on my computer waiting for significant revision (then more revision). The thought pains me.

    On the other hand, short stories and one-shot projects seem fun and enjoyable (for the most part).

    I have to remind myself of that unspoken vow, “til publishing do us part.”

  2. Perhaps you should pen a new novel during NaNoWriMo, so that you have a second one to work on revising, when you’ve polished up the first to your heart’s content (if that’s ever possible … in one’s dreams, maybe!).

  3. Yes! Writing short stories is like having a flirty little affair vs. marriage. No wonder I like them. I have also decided that I hate the protagonist in my novel. I don’t want to write her any more. I’m off to have a little affair now after I bury my longer WIP.

      1. It’s very painful when you waked up and realize why your novel isn’t working. I’d put a stake through her heart if it was paranormal fiction. Feel free to write “10 ways to kill your protagonist when your relationship is over.” Cheers, it’s too early for wine in Nevada but thanks for listening.

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