Things To Do When Your Blogging Stats Look Bad #BloggingGals #Bloggers



Ever groaned at the sight of your blog stats? Do they look like they are flatlining?

Don’t despair! Take action:

  1. Stay positive – could be a blip. It could very well be a blogging blip. These blips in stats are sent to try us bloggers. Keep calm and carry on.
  2. View blogging in the same way you view life. There are some good patches, some not so good patches and some dire patches. You have to keep going.
  3. Dust off old posts and zap them across social media. Refresh all your post images, add new categories, hashtags and tweet, post or pin them.
  4. Change the look and feel of your blog. It works. This is a great way to liven up your blog stats. Seeing your blog stats in a fresh new format will bring a smile to you face!
  5. Start a new form of social media. Join Instagram or Pinterest.
  6. Put more effort into writing quality posts. Make sure you posts are of the highest quality, contain some useful information and will help people with some aspect of their daily life.
  7. Switch your focus. Go work on another creative project for a bit.
  8. Connect with some blogging friends. This always works for me. They can relate to your blog stat worries and will give you some good advice.

Don’t give up!

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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

53 thoughts on “Things To Do When Your Blogging Stats Look Bad #BloggingGals #Bloggers

  1. I just enjoy blogging and try not to focus on my stats but having said that I just recently joined instagram and finding it difficult building a following on a new platform. So if there are any kind instagramers out there who want to take me under their wing, please do! I haven’t tried pinterest, how have you found that?

      1. I don’t think I can cope with anymore addictions at the moment, I think I’ve reached my limit! But having said that I may do once my instagram has lifted off the ground, it’s got a faulty engine methinks….,.

  2. #7 – You’ve still got it. #10 – Please don’t. 🙂 Hang in there… I just checked, and most of the U.S. is indeed on vacation with no access to electricity or smartphone, um, smartness. (Seriously, major weather along the eastern seaboard, so this may not be a big fib.)

  3. Oh dear, I know what you mean. Despite not understanding all the ins and out of stats I can see when I don’t get that many views, and I wonder what I have done wrong/differently. It is hard not to think like that 🙂

  4. It’s definitely not #7 and don’t even think about #10. 😊

    I’ve been reading your responses and I love your term “delicate” for having a hangover. I tell people I “had a bad ice cube.”

    Keep writing.

  5. Next time I take a trip/vacation/getaway I am going to reserve my hotel with “I will be going on holiday on…”
    Although I usually use one of those travel discount sites, but I do call the hotel to see if they will give a better rate..if I use holiday maybe they will think I am upscale..I will flip America on them ..#greattip and #awesomeblog xxx -CC

  6. As a 2 month-old blogger, I find myself constantly refreshing my stats page to see what does well and not. I’m not even going to compare myself with the big guns (Such a you 😉 ) What I do check my stats for is reactions to posts.. What resonates with readers etc. But for the long run, this post is a keeper 😉

  7. I love points 4 and 5 – definitely something I’m planning to do. But … I’d like the time to tackle those plus writing up all the ideas for new posts I’ve got half-drafted!

    I’m still ploughing through my blog-commenting challenge [to leave 300 in 30 days] as a way to connect with a wider blogging network, for similar reasons. I don’t want to receive dozens of comments and views for their *own sake* … but knowing their are people out there looking, reading and appreciating *is* a huge motivation to keep going!

  8. All of the above I can relate to completely. I have a lot of trouble with finding faithful followers even though I retweet, fav, follow and comment on their posts. I brush up my posts pretty consistently, and I’m always looking for ways to make my blog look prettier. I wish I had followers like yours. It always feels like my blog isn’t growing at all. But the import thing is to keep trying, even though there are blips like you mentioned in this post. What you put in is what you get out right? I’ve been putting in everything but get nothing back.

    1. Hello, I will check your blog out. Its taken me months to build my blog and its not that big. There have been times when showing up to write a blog post has been the hardest thing ever because I wasn’t sure whether I would get a response. You have to keep going and one day it will start to spark. Hang in there.
      Thx for reading and happy Tuesday 🙂

  9. I can relate with all the above! But I try not to focus to much on ‘blogstats’ – easier said than done. It takes work to increase or even maintaining blogstats. I’ve found that interacting with other bloggers is key and of course Twitter. Shutting down is not an option, Blondewritemore 😉

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