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I turned to the first page of your book and started to read. 

Your words formed a key which unlocked a door inside my mind. I stepped through it, allowing you to work your author magic on me.

Your hand rose up out of a hole in the page and reached out to me. I gave you my trembling hand and allowed you to draw me towards your book. 

My anxious heart quickened as your hand pulled me into the hole in the page. The soft swish of the paper against my skin gave me some comfort.

For a moment I felt like Alice falling into the rabbit hole as I tumbled into the depths of your book.

You deposited me into a beautiful world. The scenery was breath-taking. For a while I couldn’t speak. My senses awoke as I took stock of my new surroundings. I was gripped with a nervous excitement.

Your characters appeared and rushed over to greet me. They urged me to travel with them. 

Each character brought something different to our party. There was never a dull moment. They treated me like one of their own and started to share some of their secrets with me. 

Your characters and I endured many things together. We travelled through many scenes and had some unforgettable experiences. 

Within the labyrinth of your story we found heart ache, suffering, fear and at the end joy.  It was through all of this that an invisible bond formed between us. A reader character bond that I couldn’t break.

I found myself not wanting your story to end. I didn’t want to leave the world that you had cleverly created and return to normal life. The thought of saying goodbye to your characters filled me with a sadness, that only a fellow reader would understand.

As the story ended I knew your guiding hand would return. It did and you helped me climb back through the hole in the page. The swish of the soft paper against my cheeks signalled that my reading journey was over.

As I finished your great book I sighed and closed the door in my mind. Until the next time author. 

These creative blog battles are run by the amazing Rachael Ritchey.
If you would like to compete please contact Rachael.
This week’s word is reach.
Genre: Not a clue 🙂


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34 thoughts on “Author Magic  #BlogBattle #Writer #Amreading

  1. wow, what an amazingly beautiful piece. Such a different kind of story and I expect if you asked 5 different people what they got from it, there would be 5 different answers.

  2. A beautiful description of falling into a book. Especially like the reference to wonderland. 😉 Just what we all want someone to say/think/feel about our stories.

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