Are You Hiding From Your Writing? 10 Signs #writer #amwriting


During your writing career there will be times when you will want to hide from your writing. Sometimes hiding from your creative work feels like the best option. It gives you a chance to stick your head in the literary sand  for a bit.

The following situations might send you into hiding:

  • You can’t face looking at what you have written.
  • You can’t face confronting your draft novel’s issues.
  • Your confidence has disappeared.
  • You have lost your writing mojo.
  • Your reviewers have told you what you didn’t want to hear.
  • You have had too much of a ‘writer rest’ and are putting off the inevitable graft stage.


Here are some tell-tale signs that signal you are hiding from your writing:

  1. Sticking your laptop in a drawer, a cupboard or behind a large pot plant. Saying to yourself “out of sight and out of mind”.
  2. Rewarding loved ones for not mentioning the words ‘writing’ or ‘draft novel’ in your presence. Promising regular cups of tea and some ironed shirts if they don’t utter the magic words.
  3. Restricting yourself to laptop free rooms in the house – bathroom and toilet.
  4. Hiding behind the sofa and spying on your laptop from a distance.
  5. Asking a loved one to log you onto the internet on your laptop, so that you don’t have to see your writing folder icon.
  6. Making a list of ‘100 Things to do before I start writing’  and proudly pinning it to your wall.
  7. Hiding under your writing desk hoping it will all just go away.
  8. Screaming in fright and scurrying away in the opposite direction after catching sight of your laptop / notepad.
  9. Being forced to walk passed your laptop / notepad and avoiding eye contact with it or better still covering your face with a pot plant  until the coast is clear.
  10. Rewarding yourself with chocolate for not even thinking about writing.
After admitting you are hiding from your writing why don’t you go write something? I swear the only way to get rid of this fear is to write.
I crawled out from behind the sofa last night and wrote 1369 words so you see great things can happen once you stop hiding writers!
Good luck out there!


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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

31 thoughts on “Are You Hiding From Your Writing? 10 Signs #writer #amwriting

  1. Great post. All writers hide from their writing sometimes. And it’s like you say (and I quite genuinely need to get the oil changed in my car tomorrow which is why a writing project I have been putting off will have to wait for another week…)

    1. Yes I think blogging is a way of hiding from your novel – that’s why I post daily and still no sign of half finished novel 🙂 thx for reading and happy Friday!

  2. Thanks always funny. I thought I was bad and putting off writing but nothing compared to you. I’m on re-drafting atm no where as near fun as writing the originally as I agonise over each word.

  3. Oh that laptop is so evil – make sure you don’t come within arms length. If you get a large box and place it over the laptop, slide some stiff card under it then tip the whole thing up you could place it outside without having to touch it or hurt it lol 😛

  4. Pinterest is my “hide from writing” place. I think I’d go into convulsions if I hid my laptop. LOL Good for you for banging out almost 1400 words. She’s baaack!

  5. Blogging is my downfall with my third book – so much so that I’m thinking of having a complete break from my blog for a while. Hiding from writing what I should be writing is my problem – and I’m obviously not the only one. 🙂

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