20 Phrases Describing How You Achieved Your Word Count #Writers #AmWriting

Here are 20 useful phrases which describe how you achieved your word count:

  1. “Tonight I wrote 456 words!”
  2. “Today I nailed 1,290 words!”
  3. “This afternoon I banged out 1,456 words!”
  4. “I only managed to cobble together 45 words today”
  5. “I scraped together 100 words this afternoon”
  6. “Today I conjured up 2,500 words!”
  7. “Tonight I rattled off 567 words!”
  8. “This morning I whipped up 800 words!”
  9. “Today I pumped out 765 words!”
  10. “Tonight I hammered home 987 words!”
  11. “I churned out 309 words!
  12. “Today I could only squeeze out 154 words”
  13. “This afternoon 1300 words gushed out of me!”
  14. “Today I belted out 1899 words!”
  15. “Today I pounded out 1,900 words” (thx to Eve Messenger)
  16. “This afternoon I blew past my goal with 1,300 words” (thx to Eve Messenger)
  17. “This morning I coughed up 456 words” (thx to Edwinasepisodes)
  18. “Today 2,300 words shot out of me” (thx to Edwinasepisodes)
  19. “Boom!” (exploding fist hand action) “2,090 words!”
  20. “1000 words have poured out of me!”

Let me know which of these you use and if there are any I have missed.

For noting writers, I use all of the above 🙂

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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

63 thoughts on “20 Phrases Describing How You Achieved Your Word Count #Writers #AmWriting

  1. Awesome list, Lucy. 😀
    Sometimes I wring out the words, sometimes a gentle squeeze is sufficient; at other times the words run like a bat out of hell.
    Have a fab Saturday!

      1. Whenever I’m writing, my wife is worried that I’m going to break the keyboard… it can get pretty vicious, and I’m not even aware of it. Maybe I need to lower mine. 🙂

  2. Yesterday I wrote 10,000 words. What kind of adjective is best used to describe that? Aha! I’ve got one! I OCD’d 10,000 words. That’ll do it. 😀

    Great post! Timely topic. 🙂

      1. When you type 90 words a minute and the words just keep coming, hours fly by. The words don’t always do that to me, and I can’t vouch for the quality, but–hey…it’s 10,000 words. 🙂

  3. Pounded out sounds about right with me, especially when I’ve gotten on a roll. I’m surprised my keyboard survives sometimes!

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