Blogging Daily – Expectations Versus Reality #BloggingGals #Bloggers




At the start of this year I decided to experiment with daily blogging. When I made the decision to start publishing a daily post I had some grand expectations about it. I love getting carried away with stuff.

So I thought it would be useful, nine months later, to see how they live up to reality.

Expectation 1I will only try it for a couple of weeks. If it doesn’t work out I will revert back to blogging every couple of days. I am not going to get obsessive about it.

Reality – Ha! Daily blogging is addictive. Its a tough cycle to break out of but I am sure I will be able to stop in the future…..(pause to consider this)…..ok I will have to pay for some therapy.


Expectation 2 It will be easy to whip up new posts everyday.

Reality – Oh my goodness its hard!  I have had to get into a routine whereby I write all my posts on a Sunday. If I don’t do this I go into a blog post meltdown each week night.

I have a habit of penning bizarre and totally random posts when I am in the bath or after I have eaten a lot of cheese. Instead of deleting them I have created a large bank of ‘only if I am really  desperate blog posts.’  This bank is useful for when I am feeling wild or desperate!


Expectation 3 My stats will go through the roof!

Reality – Your stats increase but nothing to get over excited about. It takes time and effort to grow a blog.


Expectation 4 – My readers will read every post as soon as it comes out.

Reality – It took time for me as a blogger to realise that my follower’s lives don’t revolve around my daily blogging schedule. Sigh!  My followers read my posts in their own time and not necessarily in order of posting either.


Expectation 5Blogging daily won’t change me.

Reality –  Ha! Daily blogging changed me but in a good way. It has taught me that I need to be more organised. Up until I started blogging daily I was very disorganised with my blog and my writing. I rarely planned anything and everything was done on the hop. With daily blogging you have to be organised and prepared or you spend your evenings in the week sweating over your next post.

Here is how daily blogging has changed me:

  • Organise my time effectively – penning all posts on a Sunday means I have the rest of the week to concentrate on writing my book. Sometimes mid-week I will have a swap round of posts on certain days but normally I just schedule them all in on a Sunday and let them run.
  • Set up a weekly blogging schedule – this is where I reserve certain days for post topics. I have found that having regular weekly slots makes daily blogging a lot easier. So every Monday I run my Roxy Collins comedy series, every Tuesday I enter the blog battle short story contest and on a Sunday I run blogging related posts. In between that I run posts about reading and being a writer.
  • Learn to get inspiration from daily life – its amazing how many ideas for posts can be created from simply opening your eyes to what is going on around you and listening to people’s conversations.
  • On Sunday I eat more cheese – its creative fuel.

Its been a good experience and I do still enjoy it. I am hoping these planning and organisation skills that I have adopted will stand me in good stead for my novel-writing.

Have your tried daily blogging? How has it worked for you?

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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

66 thoughts on “Blogging Daily – Expectations Versus Reality #BloggingGals #Bloggers

  1. Do you write them all fully on a Sunday or just the plans? Either way how long does that take you?
    I feel like I’m not posting enough at the moment but don’t want to put people off by posting too much that’s not strictly relevant to my brief? After all, I don’t think I can write a short story every day! Or I could but I like showers.

    1. Lol! I write them all on a Sunday, takes me a good couple of hours and a lot of cheese. I only write one short story a week. Through the week I will note down some ideas. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

  2. Daily blogging is impressive! It’s smart to front load your posts on Sundays and to give yourself daily themes to write toward. That seems pretty fun, actually.

    Glad to hear you’re getting work done on your book the rest of the week. I bet it’s really good!

  3. What made you decide to drop your like buttons and menu so I can retweet and stuff? You really are a productive, and perchance, peppy blogger! Love everything I read here. Have a great Sunday IBFF! 🙂

      1. It keeps doing that to me and I need to have a stern word! Where have you been IBFF, I am missing you and your blog doesn’t come up on my feed anymore – sad face!

      2. Both are super odd. Maybe it’s just getting lost somewhere. Hmmm. I haven’t been blogging every day, just the or four times a week, and most has been blog battle related.

      3. Really? Why? I miss talking with you more, too! I am thinking to myself you’re becoming such a blogging writer celebrity, you’ve got to be terribly busy, and I should be happy and not sad that we don’t get to talk as much.

      4. No I am just the same little old blonde blogger who keeps herself to herself. Glad we are ok, will make an effort to come and say hi more to my IBFF 🙂

  4. Hi I’ve enjoyed following your blog – well done! I have been doing this for five years now and gradually ‘evolved’ a way of blogging that works for me, based on book reviews of whatever I’m reading, interesting guest posts and articles of interest to my readers and fellow writers. My best tip is to build your social media following and share every post at least twice on each, as well as to Goodreads via RSS. Happy writing 🙂

  5. My goodness I’m feeling disorganised in comparison, all written on a Sunday, good idea …. I don’t blog daily and I don’t think I will. I tend to be a bit haphazard in my blogging which is kind of me. But I do try to join in some regular activities though this month not so much with my scary theme leading up to Halloween.

  6. Cheese eh? Ill remember that. And whats this about your blog not revolving around your bloggies?
    I did a three day quote challenge – it was great but took spme preparation.

  7. I’m impressed that you write all your posts on Sunday – a good way to manage it, that’s for sure! When I started blogging I figured I’d post once a week – now I’m four times a week, on average. But I do have to be careful that it doesn’t take over from my other writing time. I enjoy that you’re fueled by cheese 🙂 With me it’s crisps and cups of tea, plus the occasional sandwich…

  8. Blogging every day is really impressive to me, I am pleased when I manage more than two a week! But I think I would feel the same: re regular readers. Even when I blog a bit more than usual I get the subtle blogger’s paranoia that people will get bored of my drivel! I could definitely do with being more organized, I also blog very much on the hoof to a decent extent. I am trying to force myself to schedule posts for an upcoming holiday and it feel daunting, which I know it shouldn’t, most good bloggers do it all the time!

  9. Unfortunately along with writing books I must also hold down a ‘day job’ so I don’t have enough hours in each day to blog. What I do is aim for three days a week but usually manage two. I think two is pretty good and if you can do that consistently, that’s what’s important – to be consistent, whether it’s twice a week or a month. 🙂

  10. Wow, daily blogging – that’s impressive. But when do you find the time to write your fiction novel(s)?
    After seven months I still lack a solide routines to my writing. I post my blogs three times per week, and I think it’s a lot. But at the moment I couldn’t post less or more. It’s become an habit.
    Thanks for sharing, your post gave me some great ideas! Happy sunday and happy writing! 🙂

  11. I’ve considered daily blogging before. I’d quite like to do it, but I genuinely think I’d struggle for what to write about. I’ve already got a bit of a schedule and tend to post 3 times a week – sometimes more if it’s an exciting week!

    This post has definitely inspired me though – at least to think about it a bit more seriously.

    Actually, this post has inspired me in more than one way, because now I’m off to make some cheese on toast!


  12. SMH at a 2014 NaBloPoMo blog post I wrote about how I was planning to blog daily . . . I had an editorial calendar all set up. I am able to schedule posts in advance. What could go wrong? Let’s just say it’s true what they say about the best laid plans. I have come to my senses and am aiming for weekly posts at best; monthly posts at worst. I am still struggling with what exactly it is I want to blog about. And after reading a persuasive article by Shawn Inmon about Facebook wall posts for writers, I’m going to add that back in the mix which will also take a small chunk of time.

    1. Thx for a comment which made me smile, don’t you just loved best laid plans that don’t work out? I hope you find what you want to blog about and I need to make sure I am connected to your blog so I can see those weekly posts zipping out 🙂 Happy Sunday

  13. 🙂 When I grow up I want to be just like you…lol. Great post, I have actually wondered how you keep up with it all. I would like to blog more, and know that organization and planning is the key. I also want to figure out Twitter too, but the blogging I do, and reading blogs keeps me busy enough. One day….one day. 🙂 I really enjoyed your Creative Agony Aunt posts, haven’t seen one in awhile, or did I just miss it?

  14. I post daily as well and can relate to everything you have written – except how on earth can you write all of your posts on a Sunday? Even after loads of cheese! Since I did NaBloPoMo last year, it set me off on the daily posting habit that I cannot get out of. In fact , I feel weird if I don’t post! Having said that I do sometimes struggle for inspiration on a Thursday night! 🙂

    1. I am glad there is another daily blogger out there. Just finished my posts now and I am a bit peckish. If I lack inspiration I turn to a good quote plus arty picture. Happy Sunday 🙂

  15. Good for you! I jumpstarted my blog with a post every day for almost two months, but I couldn’t maintain it. It cut into my writing time too much. So now I’m down to 3-4 a week, but I’m glad daily blogging is working for you. 🙂

  16. I do NOT know how you do this. I really don’t. But I do enjoy your posts and totally appreciate your little “how-I-do-it-all” list. I’ve just started my third schedule so we’ll see how that goes. O_o

      1. I am blonde and last April (2014), on one rainy Sunday afternoon, after the kids and husband had driven me potty decided that I should write more. lol!

  17. Daily blogging should officially be classified as a “super-specialized-exceptional” skill. It’s really really difficult and requires high discipline. I tried and failed and reverted to two posts per week. So a big salute to you…

    (Is it just me or is there really no emoji for a salute!!?)

  18. Yep, your conclusions pretty much sum up mine. WHY DON’T PEOPLE LIVE THEIR LIVES AROUND MY BLOG? WHY, OH WORLD? WHYYYYY???

    *Cough* Erm, excuse me, I meant to say, nice post. Yeah.

    Aaaanyway, as I was saying, pretty much sums me up. Only, I prefer grilled cheese. Oh, and I write my posts at least a month in advance, with the occasional extra post thrown in (and messing my dates up). Although, I try to post every other day, so as not to overwhelm people.

    And now I want a toastie.

      1. *Munch munch* Juft don’t haf mine *swallows*

        Hey, I do build my life around your blog. I drop everything when the email announces that a new post is out. First, I read it in the email. Then, on your blog. Then, I comment, then spend the rest of the day waiting to see if you’ve replied. I’ve lost my wife, friends, dog, cats and all of my clients, but it’s worth it.

        (Too much?)

  19. you really are hilarious. This made me proper giggle, because its so true. You have a gift for taking truth and presenting it so brutally honestly that it is laugh out loud funny! I can tick several of the above!

  20. I am amazed that there are people who can write daily blog posts, or if not that, write on a schedule. Everything else about my live is so organized, why can’t my blogging life be just as organized?

  21. I was so relieved over expectation 4 – I thought I was really bad for no getting round to these posts on the day they’re posted. I had to learn the same lesson when I started blogging – it took a while to realise that people weren’t just going to read my posts as soon as they were posted. I admire you for blogging daily- I don’t think I could come up with enough stuff to fill each day. 🙂

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