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One of the annoying things about life is that there are some awkward and painful situations which you would rather avoid or duck out of, if you had the choice. With life you can’t opt out of the bad patches. You have to live through the uncomfortable times, endure the sleepless nights, the stress, spend all your time worrying and feel like you are a shadow of your former self.

You know the difficult situations I am referring to; ending a relationship, catching your partner having an affair, going through a divorce, dealing with a difficult neighbour, sitting an exam or ditching a toxic friend. 

Wouldn’t it be great to find someway of not having to deal with these eh? 

Imagine if you could pay someone to live out those uncomfortable and awkward situations in your life for you? 

Just think how much easier your life would be. You would be able to concentrate on enjoying yourself and sleeping like a baby at night as those niggling life problems would disappear. 

That mind numbing relationship would no longer exist, your husband would have accepted your divorce request, the first date with the stranger would have gone remarkably well, the abusive husband would not touch you again, the neighbour who plays their music too loud and scares your kids would have moved out, you would have passed the exam with flying colours and you would have an excellent first week in your new job. 

Sounds good?

My name is Cindy Fontaine and I am The Fixer. I fix your life. 

I am given access to your mind and body for a period of time to live out your life as you, fixing everything that is wrong with it. I clear up the rubbish in your life.

My assistant, a clever scientist, puts you to sleep and gives me access to your mind and body. Once the awkward problems in your life are fixed I transfer ownership of your mind and body back to you. You are left with a trouble free life and a tiny scar on your neck. This is where the clever scientist enters your body to gain control. 

I have a quality Fixer pedigree. I am good at problem solving, negotiating, arguing, fighting, diplomacy, lying, cheating and ultimately being very successful. I have excellent manners, I am fluent in over 10 languages, I thrive on little sleep, I can operate effectively as a man or a woman and because of the many lives I have led I am a great addition to a dinner party.

Give me your mind and body for a couple of weeks and I will turn around your finances, sort out your love life, overhaul your wardrobe, get rid of that stalker sat outside in his car, dump your loser of a partner, ditch your toxic best friend, catch your wife having an affair and sleep with your boss to get you the promotion you deserve.

In return you just need to look after that pink scar on your neck, keep a bandage on it for a while, and make a payment to my Swiss Bank account.

I will always give you back your mind as I like myself too much to get attached. There is a lot of legal paper work which is signed beforehand. It is a legal agreement between us stating that I will carry out your wishes in the specified time and that I will give you your mind back on the agreed time and date. 

Believe me, after a few weeks of controlling someone else’s brain and body I am desperate to get back to my own skin.

When you have been put to sleep by my assistant I become you. The clever scientist gives me complete control of your body and mind. 

I am then presented with a briefing folder, which sets out the timeframe and actions that I need to complete. This is written by you, the client. The rest of my team assess the actions beforehand as there are a few things I won’t do as a Fixer.

My new hands always tremble with excitement as I carefully open the folder and scan my task. I am always on the lookout for something new and adventurous. 

Sadly the majority of tasks I get nowadays are relationship related and this is getting dull. No one it seems wants to tackle the emotional stuff anymore; the painful break ups, messy divorces and the ending of passionate affairs.

These are a piece of cake for me as I have no emotional attachments to the people I am severing ties with. For all I care your loved ones can get down on their knees and beg till dawn about how much they still love you, don’t want you to leave or plead with you not to chuck them out of the house. Its not going to change anything. If you say its over, its done.

Ten minutes ago my life as a fixer changed. There must have been a mix up. My team tell me that they never agreed to such a request from this client. The change over room is unusually silent and all eyes are on me. I am now Harry, 42 years old and an accountant from the city.

Everyone is shocked at what was in Harry’s folder. The legal agreement was signed. There is no going back.

I have been tasked with killing his wife to fix his life problem.

It might be continued. 🙂

These blog battles are run by the one and only Rachael Ritchey.

The word this week was scar.

Genre: Science Fiction

© Copyright 2015 -All rights reserved by Lucy Mitchell

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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

75 thoughts on “The Fixer #Blogbattle #ScienceFiction

  1. I hope you continue as this story really drew me in and left me wanting to know more. It’d be interesting to see how Cindy acts as Harry and how she deals with her task.

  2. me thinks the fixer needs to be fixed lol
    everytime they become someone else don’t they lose a tiny lil bit of themselves?

    but you must is the fixer a stone cold killer too?

    *things that keep me up at night*


      1. Happy Tuesday ^_^ whoop whoop

        And FYI they ain’t fancy at all, they eat a five course meal in a five star restaurant with the same spoon lol
        And in their defence all courses where soup with ice cream for dessert ^_^


  3. Oh wow – brilliant. I could see this idea becoming one of those American TV series that go on for far too long – it’s a little bit like Quantum Leap. There’s a lot of fun and stories that could be had with this concept.

  4. Lucy, that’s absolutely bloody marvelous! I love both the concept, execution, and sheer eek factor when we hear of her latest task. Could be the best-ever first chapter of a great SF/crime/thriller novel.

    Brilliant! Please run with the idea, or I will!

      1. I never joke about these things. I really loved it. I mean, you’re a fine writer indeed whatever you write, but the premise here… it blew me away! Loved it 🙂

        If you write it up as a short story, I’d love to include it in my next anthology.

  5. It is a fabulous speculative fiction conceit, if you will, taking over a body and being a ‘fixer’ or ‘fixer-upper’ as it were. Until something goes wrong. You’ve definitely laid the bait and the trap and we readers willingly walked right into it! Awesome story that begs–nay, demands!–continuation.

      1. You too. My head is trying to wrap itself around the legalities of your Fixer’s problem. I would assume that the Fixer is indemnified​ as a part of her contract, however, a murder defense attorney would argue that their client didn’t actually pull the trigger. Then what about offspring or victims parents. I am sure that if nothing else they would want to sue for wrongful death. The insurance premium payouts would be a nightmare to administer assuming anyone got paid at all. No – no, I have decided for you. You must continue this story.

  6. Looks like everyone else liked it as much as I did. Your imagination is top rate. I can only rival it in my dreams. Which had me conversing with heads only the other night. Eventually, they got attached to bodies, but they started out as just heads.

  7. Brilliant. Seriously. Just awesome. I cringed a bit at this “Once the awkward problems in your life are fixed I transfer ownership of your mind and body back to you.” and wondered… Not that I have trust issues. Then I reached the end…gah! Please continue this. You must.

  8. This, my glorious blonde friend is BRILLIANT! I URGE you to continue. You can even put that other story back on the shelf that I was begging you to write. I would even put the story you are currently working on in the “to be continued” folder in favor of giving this the dedication that it needs. Write this! This could be your debut novel. 😀

  9. I have to join the general chorus, please continue. This is going to be a marvellous novel!

    Before I got to the end I had to smile a lot, as I was reminded of the handwritten (but photocopied) ads I get in my letterbox every once in a while with some professor promising to fix my life within a week, bring back a loved one, deal with addictions or infertility.

    Continue please!

  10. I so hope you continue this story. It’s such a great idea, and if you could figure out a way to bring this Fixer out of fiction and into reality, send her my way? 😀

      1. I need help with my mother – so is that some kind of circle? Either way I bet I’d be the toughest case on the list. ☺

  11. Surprise Surprise! Now, I’m just going to tell you up front, I didn’t get to read anyone’s stories until this morning. When I looked at the poll results last night there were four stories tied for votes, but I didn’t look to see which were tied. I wanted to wait until after I’d had a chance to read and vote since we needed a tie-breaker! YOU WIN! Congrats, IBFF! Another great story. 😀

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