Changing Blog Theme & New Hairstyles – 10 Similarities #SundayBlogShare

  1. Build Up. There can be a nervous build up to getting a new hairstyle. When I say a new hairstyle , I am not referring to those hair salon visits where you let out the standard female whimper can you just trim my ends?”  I am talking hair redesign. Your mind will be full of questions  like “am I doing the right thing with my hair?” and “will other people like my new hairstyle?”  The same applies to the redesign of a blog. You will wonder whether you are doing the right thing and you will find yourself sweating over whether your followers will notice your blog’s new look or even care.
  2. Research. In the lead up to a new hairstyle you might feel the need to do some research; read lots of hair magazines and pin images of hair cuts on Pinterest to get some ideas on your brave new cut. You want your new haircut to show the world that you are hip and trendy. The same applies to when you are thinking about changing the look and feel of your blog. You will start anxiously pinning articles on Pinterest about which blog design is used by all the successful bloggers. You want your new design to show the world that you have nailed the art of blogging.
  3. Social Media. In the run up to a new hairstyle you might feel the need to go on Facebook or Twitter and alert close friends and family members to your forthcoming salon visit. Maybe using hashtags like #choppingoffmylocks and #Ihatelonghair. The same happens when you are in blog re-design mode. You might feel the urge to tell your followers on Facebook or Twitter that you are thinking about overhauling your blog design. You might find yourself using hashtags like #GoodriddancePenscratch and #gatewaythemedoesthingsforme.
  4. Stress. The actual haircut will be stressful. Going for a radical haircut is a stressful life moment and going from long hair to a pixie cut  is probably up there with grief, moving house and starting a new job. The blog redesign session will also be stressful. All your blogging hopes and dreams could be wiped out with one simple theme change. Harsh!
  5. Nerves. You may decide to chicken out of the new radical haircut at the last minute and go for something safer – a  tiny trim of ends.  You might also decide not to go through with your blog theme change at the last minute and instead tweet about how the Penscratch theme rocks your blog.
  6. Avoidance. After the haircut has been done you may find yourself sneaking out of the hair salon in the hope that no one notices the new you. The same can happen with a blog redesign, you find yourself sneaking out a couple of posts out in the hope no one notices the new refreshed blog.
  7. Reaction. With a new haircut you will be hoping someone acknowledges it and you hope (pray to God) the reaction will be positive and not something like “OMG what have you done?” and “You look a bit odd “  The applies to getting reaction to your new theme. You hope (pray to God) that the reaction will be positive and not something like “OMG what have you done to your blog?”  and “I can’t read your text properly!”
  8. New Identity. A new haircut takes a bit of getting used too. You might struggle to recognise yourself in shop windows, car mirrors and puddle reflections. The same happens with a blog, you struggle to recognise it when you hit the ‘preview’ button or when you click on someone’s Twitter link and think to yourself “OMG what a peculiar looking blog……Oh its mine…LOL!”
  9. Change. You will never be the same again after a drastic new hairstyle and you will never be the same again after a blog re design.
  10. Reflection. After you get a fab new hairstyle you may find yourself wondering what life would have been like if you still had your long hair. You may start to miss your long hair and start to use hashtags like #shouldneverhavecutmyhair and #hairdepression.  The same can happen with your blog and its new theme. Would blogging life have been different if you had stayed with Penscratch? This normally happens when you are staring miserably at your stats tool and your ‘flat lining’ blog stats. You will find yourself using hashtags like #ComebackPenscratch and #IlovedPenscratch.

Happy Blogging Bloggers!

photo credit: <a href=”″>Behind the Scenes with Aveda™ – Ann Yee SS14 – Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York Spring Summer 2014 – #MBFW #NYFW – September 4, 2013 – Creative Commons (cc) photos distributed by Mainstream via Aveda Corporation</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>(license)</a&gt;

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36 thoughts on “Changing Blog Theme & New Hairstyles – 10 Similarities #SundayBlogShare

  1. This was great! I had never thought about it, but the comparison with the hairstyle and blog theme was so true. haha
    Of course, me, I am really bad and get bored and just start hitting try theme now..hahaha..all of a sudden I have gone through ten or twelve. Then I have forgotten what I have tried and haven’t. LOL!
    Love your Penscratch, very nice! -CC

  2. I recently tried to change up my hairstyle. Took along a couple pictures to show the stylist. She fixed it so cute and gave me strict instructions not to go home and slide back into my usual styling method. Of course I couldn’t reproduce her magic and even though I’m still trying, it is now a cross between the last style and the new.
    Now you’ve got me wanting to browse blog themes. ..

      1. LOL! There was me thinking ‘Send Sunshine’ is days away from a pixie cut. Good luck with the theme change, let me know when I can take a peek 🙂

  3. If a better theme than the one I am currently using came around, I would use it. I am not the one with the problem. The theme designers are. All I require to change is total perfection. Is that so much to ask?

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