Writing These Scenes Made Me Cry #amwriting #Writer



There are some scenes that will just make you cry when you write them..

  1. Character farewell. When a much loved character leaves my story to go off to find themselves. I find farewells difficult at the best of times so this situation can be tough, especially if it’s a much loved character. I have been known to touch my laptop screen and whisper “missing you already!”
  2. Characters who love each other but cannot be together. This left me in a tear stained heap on the floor. A few weeks ago I wrote a story about two secret agents who fell in love but due to the nature of their work couldn’t be together. They had to risk life and limb to see each other. I haven’t been the same emotionally since I finished that story.
  3. Characters who find each other…in the nick of time. I wrote a short story about two hot cross buns who fell in love with each other before they got eaten. Had to go into the garden and take some deep breaths after writing this one. It also put me off eating hot cross buns.
  4. Characters who are lonely. It brings on my own lonely feelings. I find myself diving into Pinterest and furiously pinning images with quotes about loneliness.
  5. Characters who are imprisoned or trapped. Once they start whining about their predicament I start blubbering.
  6. Characters who try to convince others that they are not a psychotic monster but no one believes them. This situation is from the novel that I am writing. It has been hard for the character in question, heart breaking at times because she just wants to lead a normal life. Its been a tough experience for me too.
  7. Characters who don’t realise that they are dead. Yes its a ‘Sixth Sense’ rehash but writing a story around this subject leaves you in bits for days afterwards. I wrote a story called ‘The Island’ where a couple were rowing across a lake and the girlfriend was dead / finding it hard to pass over. I was in bits as she was getting in a state about why her boyfriend wasn’t talking to her and he had tears in his eyes.
  8. Character death. Writing the death of a much loved character made me go through my own form of grief. As my character ‘passed over’ my face was wet from crying. It took me a good couple of days and some long solitary walks in the rain to work through my grief.
  9. Characters who witness the death of a magical creature. My goodness the story titled ‘The Comet’ left me sobbing for hours! Writing about the death of a magical creature is heart breaking. I will always remember reading the death of Dobby in Harry Potter and I was a wreck. I always wonder whether J.K. Rowling found writing that part disturbing.
  10. Characters who know something horrible is going to happen to them. I find these scenes distressing. My characters know something is very wrong, I know something is very wrong and it’s just a matter of time before they get killed / wiped out. Sometimes a slow walk around the block with some tissues is the only way to hande these situations.

Are there any scenes from your stories which have left you in an emotionally fragile state?  Leave me a link if they are online as I like a tear jerker!

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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

27 thoughts on “Writing These Scenes Made Me Cry #amwriting #Writer

  1. As I always say, if I’m not moved by the time I finish a scene, how can I expect the reader to be?

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll just go to the coffee shop and glare at people buying hot cross buns.

  2. Absolutely! While writing I’m either crying, laughing, or every muscle in my body is tense. Matter of fact, yesterday my husband walked in the house during one of my laughing jags. He looked at me and said, “Shawnee again?” My answer: “She cracks me up. What can I say?”
    I loved your hot crossed buns story! Your others sound awesome too.

  3. I’m sensing a Pinterest-recovery strategy across many of your posts 🙂
    Great list and so true. There are days when the tissues are next to the armchair and the nose and eyes runneth over. My husband invariably finds yard work requiring his attention!

  4. The only thing missing is links to the stories here on your blog. We’ll just have to wait for the ones you’re still working on, but give us links! 😀 Love you and your emotionally charged moments, IBFF.

  5. Actually, I use the people who get me upset as victims for the characters. So it’s a release when my dead, who doesn’t realize they’re dead, kills a beloved character that reminds me of some psycho who thinks they’re normal. 😀

  6. Character death is the worst. I’ve been known to perform a bit of resurrection before, unable to let the poor souls go and escape my fingers of torment! 😀

  7. You’ve just given me a flash of epiphany. For better or worse, I tend to write out a lot of my personal demons, for lack of a better phrase, in my stories or, otherwise, of cosmic/worldwide issues much larger than myself that really put me into bits (innocent victims of war, such as children; racism; sexism, rape, abuse; mental illness; climate change; as well as other things that affect most thoughtful humans, I think), so perhaps I write more from indignation, rage, anger, subversion, or even bitterness than you do, and this probably, in all honesty, speaks to my weakness as a writer. My characters may not be all that identifiable to the reader, as some of them tend to have bits of me, bits of people I’ve met or read about, and maybe are not universal enough. Who knows! I’m just speculating at this point, because a majority of my rejections are boilerplate, ‘sorry this doesn’t fit what we’re looking for’. Anyway, a really thoughtful and important post to me. I loved it, thank you! (And yes, to look outward, as a reader approaching a work–or as a viewer of a film–those things affected me, too. Like Dobby’s death, the Elephant Man saying he’s not an ‘animal,’ the friendships and deaths in various movies and books, too many to mention.)

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