15 Benefits of International Writing Friends #internationalfriendshipday



  1. Despite being so far away they still manage to get you!  In a world where you feel misunderstood by many this can mean a lot.
  2. They can relate to your writer mood swings and know what’s it like to type and cry.
  3. They are always full of writing advice and useful information. You won’t pay attention to it but after you have learnt the hard way you will say to yourself “wish I had listened to them, they were right!”
  4. They can be very calming. Sometimes their comment on your blog or their email will make you feel less stressed about writing.
  5. International writing friends give amazing ‘virtual hugs!’ – they write HUGS in caps and you are both virtually hugging.
  6. You don’t need to cook them anything fancy or invite them round your house.
  7. You don’t need to travel too far to see them, just whip out your laptop or phone.
  8. If you are a newbie writer the chances are that they have been where you are right now and they can sympathise with your frustrations.
  9. They will support you on social media by tweeting or pinning your stuff. They will drop by your blog.
  10. They make you smile and laugh when you are feeling glum. They always seem to know when you are creatively low.
  11. They tell you not to quit when you tweet about giving up.
  12. They are honest with you but in a nice constructive way.
  13. They are creative like you.
  14. International writing friends are awake when you can’t sleep so are ideal for a late night creative chat.
  15. International writing friends understand that you are nuts. This might be because they are crackers too!


Happy writing!

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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

69 thoughts on “15 Benefits of International Writing Friends #internationalfriendshipday

  1. Great list. My online buddy list hasn’t increased that much… yet. Still, the few I’ve managed to connect with so far have been amazing and such a motivation boost for my creative and writer side. I can therefore relate to the essence of this post. Thank you for sharing. And…happy Friday 😉

      1. Noooo. Don’t do that. It makes me feel better about my own floor and cobwebs when I find them ash my friends places. Think of it like a little bit of home away from home. Haha

  2. Great points! And as you’ve alluded so well, if it’s your nature to be introverted, online writer friendships seem more naturally fluid, organic, and forgiving, as well as helpful.

  3. Great list and I can attest that those cyber hugs are definitely a day brightener.
    Thanks so much for the hug you gave me the other day when I really needed one.
    (((((Hugs))))) Back to you Lucy!

  4. The biggest benefit I think I’ve found in having online writing friends is not feeling like quite such a sore thumb sticking out. It was like “There are actually other people out there like me!” Happy Friday. 🙂

  5. Ah! I love this! It’s so so so so true! Online writer friends are all the benefits of friends and more because they totally get how your brain works. I can’t even count the number of times my RL friends have stared at me when I have a writerly rant. *sigh* I definitely love my online writer friends. Thank you for this! Makes me appreciate them so much more now!

    1. Thx for reading and dropping by. Writer friends are special friends and I really appreciate them. The writing world is tough enough so I think we all need some writer friendship. Happy Friday!

  6. So true! Riding the roller coaster of this writing life is so much more manageable with online writer friends. 😀

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