The Writer’s Demon #BlogBattle #writers #amwriting


Dear Writer,

I am the writing demon that lurks in the shadows at the back of your mind.

When you sit down to write I creep out of the darkness and start to whisper things to you.

Once I know that you are listening to me, I start telling you the stuff about your writing that you don’t want to hear. You see, I have this amazing ability. I excel at pointing out to you all of your writing weaknesses, the ones that prey heavily on your mind and keep you awake in the small hours.

My goal is to get you to quit your writing.

Sometimes I win. You chuck down your pen or stop typing on your laptop. With tear filled eyes you rise from the chair and give up on your words. I love it when this happens!

As you walk away I celebrate my sweet victory. I have made you listen and accept what I have to say. You can’t write anything that people will enjoy, your plot sounds daft, your writing sounds basic, your characters are dull and you are wasting your time. Give it up and go back to spending your evenings watching mind numbing TV or looking at the photos of what your friend had for dinner on Facebook.

I feed on your writing insecurities. The more you worry about your writing the stronger I become. I know you find me overwhelming when I am at full strength.

Sometimes you choose to ignore what I have to say. It’s like you have pressed ‘mute’. Whatever I say doesn’t seem to get through to you. I hate it when this happens. I am left feeling frustrated and cross. I also grow weaker. It pains me to see you carrying on writing with a smile on your face. I am left talking to myself. After a while I give up and go back to lurking at the back of your mind. I sit and sulk until the next time you start to write. 

Let’s not get all positive about writing. Make my day by worrying about it. Watch me grow inside your mind.

Don’t ignore me my dear writer!

Yours Faithfully

Your writing demon – destroyer of writing dreams and creative confidence. 


These weekly blog battles are organised by Rachael Ritchey.

This week’s word is lurk.

Genre: Non-Fiction.

This post is dedicated to my writing demon (bless them). They are doing a great job in stopping the progress on the third draft of my novel. Sigh!

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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

44 thoughts on “The Writer’s Demon #BlogBattle #writers #amwriting

      1. Yeah, IBFF. *clears throat* Well, I’ve had a few run-ins with those demons, and they are nasty. Sometimes you gotta be a bit forceful, especially when it comes to saving your friends (real and imaginary) 😉

      2. Your writing demon is an idiot wearing a tutu. All you need to do is tell him Rachael said he’s a fool and to pack his bags, he’s not welcome. If he refuses, I’ll have to come over and give him an earful. If it will help, here’s some earplugs so you can ignore him and get on with your creative and talented self. 🙂

  1. I know this demon too well and my friend told me just a few weeks ago that she is quitting writing for go, I feld so sad. But for me, killing this demon is so fun. Even if I won’t publish a word and I’ll be an 80 year old lady, I will still write 😍

      1. Come now – he’s not mean. He’s just hard-working. It’s all part of the job description, you know.

        In fact, I was chatting to him (hey, Bob). He’s somewhat embarrassed that you outed him like that. I think an apology is in order.

  2. I would say I love this but I’m scared this will inspire my own demons (yes, plural) to start sending me letters of discouragement. I might even start feeling sorry for them. Not good at all when Nano is just around the corner…

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