Similarities Between Sweet Shops & Too many Plot Ideas #writing #writer




  1. You are constantly looking at all the jars of different sweets / plot ideas with a face of excitement and wonder. Wow!
  2. You stick your fingers into one jar, have a lick and decide that you want to try other sweets. You start to write out a plot idea but then ditch it after deciding to write another.
  3. You are always attracted to the sweet in the next jar and you are always attractedΒ to the plot next on your extensive list.
  4. You never finish a jar of sweets. You never finish a plot.
  5. Too many sweets and too many plot ideas can make you feel sick.
  6. Friends envy you being surrounded by so many sweets and writer friends envy you for being surrounded by so many plots.
  7. All you want to do is settle upon one jar of sweets and one plot idea – but no matter how hard you try you can’t.
  8. You envy friends who make a decision and stick to one type of sweet. You envy writer friends who make a decision and stick to one plot idea.

Be careful out there writers!

If anyone has any advice on this matter – how to solve too many plot ideas? – can you let me know? I got to stop licking all these sweets πŸ™‚

Happy writing!

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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

39 thoughts on “Similarities Between Sweet Shops & Too many Plot Ideas #writing #writer

  1. When I get too many plots in my brain, I do a quick outline for each one (a beginning, a middle point, and the end). The ones which are missing bits, I put aside for more simmering.

    After that, though, it comes down to, ‘which one excited me the most?’ ‘which one is the most vivid in my head right now?’ ‘which one seems kinda dumb when you look at the whole thing, and needs lots of work?’

  2. I have loads of ideas, i write them down so that when i have a further idea for it i write that with it so i can include it when i finally get there. You have to pace yourself i think.

  3. *Rachael lurks in the huddling mob at Blonde’s front blog door* *she envy’s blonde’s great big pile of plot sweets* *she considers lurking into the room and hiding all Blonde’s plots where she can’t find them, but then decides to turn it into a scavenger hunt instead because that’s always fun at a party* Nice party over here, IBFF. πŸ™‚ I wasn’t lurking *tries to look innocent*.

  4. You had to do this. You had to play on our sweet tooth-s. Sweet teeth? Hmm… Anyway, yes. This is a problem. And a great analogy. Funny but true. Or maybe funny because it’s true. ? *big sigh* Could you just put a ‘closed’ sign on the shop and slide a gumdrop under the door?

    1. Haha I see, our mistress of sweets has been tattling on me! Don’t worry, Sarah, I saved you a whole bowl of sweets. There’s even a few gumdrops left. I admit, I ate most of the chocolate, but Nicholas Rossis helped me get them. He practically threw them at me. πŸ™‚ I’m just glad he didn’t send a mayor my way!

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