How To Get Carried Away With The Gothic Fiction Genre #writers #writerslife #booklover

How To Get Carried Away With Gothic Fiction


  1. Go to live in an old decaying castle or abandoned house.
  2. Make sure your castle or house is set amongst an isolated and extreme landscape, which has some interesting weather conditions.
  3. Learn some terrible truths about yourself via supernatural dreams or ghostly visitations.
  4. As a female you will need to wear an elaborate posh dress and run about the old castle or house, screaming and wailing.
  5. As a male you need to show your dashing side, give yourself a noble descent and take up enslaving troubled women.
  6. Make sure you annoy everyone by rabbiting on about some mysterious curse.
  7. Make sure you hear lot of moans, howls and eerie sounds.
  8. When you are not running about screaming and wailing you will need to be scurrying in and out of secret doors and passageways.
  9. As a female you will need to become indecisive, submissive and vulnerable whilst alone in your scary house / castle.
  10. If you haven’t already got these in place, obtain some weird relatives and make sure their plans go against your beliefs.
  11. You must carry around a lot of guilt and sorrow as you walk through your scary house / castle.
  12. Create some scary legend connected to your old abandoned house or castle, it must  involve some grizzly murder or death. You will need to spend a lot of your time over-thinking this and getting overwelmed by it.
  13. Decorate your scary house with cobwebs, skeletons, winding staircases, flickering candles, strange mirrors and mysterious potions.
  14. Operate on a highly charged emotional state involving insanity, obsessive love or anger.

Have fun out there!


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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

32 thoughts on “How To Get Carried Away With The Gothic Fiction Genre #writers #writerslife #booklover

      1. Yes, I see you flailing about. Very good! I actually would love to read your gothic writing. I would. Every bit of it. You, I could imagine, would make me love the genre.

  1. Lol – brilliant, and very seasonal.

    A friend in Edinburgh bought a castle back in 2000. Apparently, it came with two ghosts. The castle was a listed building, so he couldn’t put a TV antenna on the roof. Instead, he placed it inside the attic. Turns out the ghosts hated it there. Every morning he would make sure it was on one corner of the room. Every night it would be on the other, in a place that rendered it useless for anything but a coat hanger.

    He’s moved out since. Probably to watch some telly.

  2. Hahah I really like gothic fiction so I can totally see a bit of myself in this post. Especially since I’m a little afraid of the dark so I’m not far from starting to imagine a similar scenario xD

  3. Ha ha ha Well done!
    Plus you have a graveyard next to your house with a creaky gate and lots of ravens 🙂
    And there is a cliff overlooking the sea within walking distance. The sea is always stormy.

  4. Good show! I never even realized the definition of “Gothic” until recently, and this definitely reinforces it, but in a humorous vein. Gothic, as such, is hit-and-miss for me as a reader and writer, as I much prefer female characters with ‘backbone’ and vim and vinegar, as it were. They are more fun to write; I suppose the purposefully namby-pamby protags are easier (more fun?!) to kill off (as an author). However. I also recently read a term that’s being used for Gothic: dreadpunk. I had no idea, and had to look up solarpunk just the other day. It’s fun how the literary world is so malleable, just like human language. Anyway, love reading your thoughts on the writing life! Feels like I’ve tapped directly into a ‘funny bone’. 🙂

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