5 Things To Expect When Reading a Book With a Rubbish Ending #read #Books #AmReading

Have you ever read a book with a rubbish ending?

It’s not a great experience.

Here’s what to expect:

  1. Euphoria. You reach the final quarter of your amazing book on a literary high. As you turn the page you notice that your hands are trembling with excitement. The ending of the book awaits you. So far this author has exceeded your high literary expectations with their spine chilling plot, multi-dimensional characters and their engaging writing style. You strongly believe that the ending is going to be something special. You have even tweeted about it #bookendingexcitement
  2. Build up. You set aside a chunk of your day to read the ending of this magnificent book. Loved ones are asked to go shopping or leave the house for a bit. The phone is diverted to voicemail and the cat is instructed to keep a low profile. All social media is turned off. This is serious stuff. You want to savour this heart stopping ending alone. You settle down into a comfy chair, surround yourself with cushions, pull the box of tissues towards you (in case there is an emotional ending), sigh loudly before diving into the final few chapters.
  3. Despair. You finish the book. Your immediate response after closing the book is to shriek “IS THAT IT?”  You leap up from your comfy chair and enter literary despair mode. What was the author doing when they wrote the ending of that book? Had they lost their literary marbles? You did not expect such a rubbish ending. All your literary euphoria evaporates. What a let down! To add further pain to your suffering there were lots of unanswered questions too. You are left looking like a small child who is about to cry.
  4. Anger. Despair turns to anger. You gave up a chunk of your day to read that ending. You invested a serious amount of your valuable time in that book. You could have spent the afternoon doing something meaningful like trawling Facebook or sending a friend random texts. You have wasted a good chunk of your day! For that sort of literary investment you wanted to be left breathless, trembling and whispering ‘WOW’ with wide saucer like eyes. Your loved ones should have returned home from their shopping trip to find you lying on the sofa with a cold compress on your forehead, trying to dampen down your literary high. They should not be finding you pacing the living room, agitated, tense and struggling for words.
  5. Letting Go. Your anger fizzles away after a nice cup of tea and a couple of biscuits. Even though you are no longer angry with the author there is still a feeling of book disappointment and literary gloom. Over time (couple of days) you decide to let it go. It was a good book, up until the ending that is. You find comfort from chatting to someone at work who has read the same book and shares your views on the naff ending. On GoodReads you see a similar feedback trend. You hope the author rewrites the ending and let’s you all know with a heartfelt apology. It’s over and you need to move on now.

Take care out there readers 🙂

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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

29 thoughts on “5 Things To Expect When Reading a Book With a Rubbish Ending #read #Books #AmReading

      1. Erm, it’s only free if you read it online, I’m afraid 🙂

        It’s a short 15′ read, too.

        Alternatively, I’d be happy to send you a few of my short stories. The Power of Six is on 99c sale at the moment, if you’re adamant on buying something. It’s available on http://amzn.to/1kKVduI

  1. This is sooooooo true, and as an author myself, something I am aware of and worried about. Writing the perfect ending to a good novel is very, very difficult!!

    Nice meeting you and your blog thanks to C.J.!

  2. Depends what you mean by ‘naff’ — I quite like when an author does the unexpected, in terms of not neatly tying the whole thing up. It could be argued it is all too easy to do that. I’ve one story where I give the readers a choice of endings, and they can make their own mind up which one is ‘true’. Admittedly, that one has an unreliable narrator. I sometimes like when a story comes to an abrupt end and leaves me wondering — but I know most people won’t agree.

  3. I am much more forgiving of a unsatisfactory ending if there is going to be a sequel, but if the author fails to land the series ending . . . let’s just say there have been a handful of times when only my obsessive compulsive desire to keep book cover’s pristine was the only thing keeping me from chucking it out the window.

  4. Yet again, I had to look up another word. “Naff.” I had an inkling, but wanted to be sure. You Brits and your colorful use of the English language. haha 🙂 ❤ I hope Captive Hope didn't end like that when you read through it for me! We didn't really talk about that.

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