14 Reasons Why Non-Writers Might Regard You As Scary! #Writers #Halloween


Ever had that frightened look from a non-writer?  You know the one where you tell them about the pain you are planning to inflict on your main character and they take a step back..

Here are 14 reasons why non-writers might regard you as scary:

  1. You can often be heard muttering away to yourself.
  2. You have a very intense look about you.
  3. Your creative mood swings are extreme – goofy happy and waving your draft in the air to wailing in a corner, surrounded by the scattered bits of your torn up draft, in under ten minutes!
  4. You talk about people and places that don’t exist.
  5. You talk about the voices in your head a lot.
  6. No one is sure whether the ‘writers’ you claim to talk to online actually exist.
  7. You talk about going off to ‘that other place’ in your head a lot. No one really understands where the ‘other place’ is and what happens there.
  8. You talk a lot about the different ways you can kill your fictional characters.
  9. You let out an an evil snigger when writing a plot twist.
  10. You stare at people a lot.
  11. You spend a lot of time on your own.
  12. You say some weird stuff after cheese and wine.
  13. You lurk at the back of coffee shops.
  14. You let non-writers read your writing and they are left feeling uneasy and disturbed.

Happy Writing!


photo credit: Pixabay

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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

46 thoughts on “14 Reasons Why Non-Writers Might Regard You As Scary! #Writers #Halloween

  1. It finally makes sense why people give me the occasional weird look! Number 8 is probably pretty bad, especially if you forget to underline that it’s fiction… Happy Halloween!

  2. The only ones I don’t resemble are number 12 and 13. In my neck of the woods, I’d replace them with: 12. You say some weird stuff and you’re entirely sober. 13. You sit in the back of a restaurant wearing dark glasses…staring.

    It’s fun to have a virtual hangout with people who understand the writer’s mind so well.

  3. Happy Halloween! I found a link to your awesome post on the Halloween blog party. I am glad I found your blog this was a really great read 🙂 Cheers!

  4. With the exception of 12 and 13 (I’m more of a chocolate and sweets girl), you’ve got me exactly! You must be psychic! 😀

  5. In my youth, I wrote a poem about a man who enjoyed threatening suicide and then shot himself by mistake. Unfortunately, my boyfriend’s mother read the poem and told him shouldn’t go out with me anymore because I must be seriously disturbed to write stuff like that.

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