Why Writers Don’t Have To Try Too Hard To Act Scary At Halloween #Writers #Halloween18 #AmWriting


As writers we don’t have to try too hard to act scary at Halloween.

We already possess a few weird habits, so there’s no need for us to fret about making ourselves look or come across as scary at this fun time of year.

  1. Giving out intense stares is our speciality.
  2. Our creative mood swings are extreme – goofy happy and waving our draft in the air to wailing in a corner, surrounded by the scattered bits of the torn up draft, in under six minutes.
  3. We talk about people and places that don’t exist.
  4. Some of us are keen to talk a lot about the different ways we can kill off our fictional characters.
  5. We let out an evil snigger when writing a plot twist.
  6. Some of us claim lights flicker and animals run for safety whilst writing a plot twist.
  7. We spend a lot of time on our own.
  8. We say some weird stuff after cheese and wine at dinner parties.
  9. We lurk at the back of coffee shops.
  10. We claim to see our fictional characters in day-to-day life.
  11. Some of us have very pale skin.
  12. We keep getting back up after each and every rejection. Some of us, hundreds of times. It is like we are unstoppable. If that’s not scary I don’t know what is!

Happy Writing!


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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

46 thoughts on “Why Writers Don’t Have To Try Too Hard To Act Scary At Halloween #Writers #Halloween18 #AmWriting

  1. It finally makes sense why people give me the occasional weird look! Number 8 is probably pretty bad, especially if you forget to underline that it’s fiction… Happy Halloween!

  2. The only ones I don’t resemble are number 12 and 13. In my neck of the woods, I’d replace them with: 12. You say some weird stuff and you’re entirely sober. 13. You sit in the back of a restaurant wearing dark glasses…staring.

    It’s fun to have a virtual hangout with people who understand the writer’s mind so well.

  3. Happy Halloween! I found a link to your awesome post on the Halloween blog party. I am glad I found your blog this was a really great read πŸ™‚ Cheers!

  4. With the exception of 12 and 13 (I’m more of a chocolate and sweets girl), you’ve got me exactly! You must be psychic! πŸ˜€

  5. In my youth, I wrote a poem about a man who enjoyed threatening suicide and then shot himself by mistake. Unfortunately, my boyfriend’s mother read the poem and told him shouldn’t go out with me anymore because I must be seriously disturbed to write stuff like that.

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