6 Stages of Viewing Blogging Admin as Useful  #blogger #SundayBlogShare


  1. Excitement. You are busy pumping out new blog posts like there is no tomorrow. You are a proper blogger and it feels good! You are bursting with new blog post ideas, you are all over your blogging stats like a rash and you are tweeting your posts like crazy. 
  2. Awareness. You become aware of some issues with your old posts. Some helpful ‘eagle-eyed’ bloggers have pointed out that some of your old post links are not working and some kind  blogging souls have hinted that your spelling / grammar on some old posts might need checking. Sigh! After a rummage through your old posts you also notice that some of your posts have no photos and some of your blog post titles don’t sound appealing. 
  3. Decision. You feel like you have reached a big milestone in your blogging career – its time you did some blogging administration. You have heard some experienced bloggers rattle on about the importance of doing blogging admin. You believe that once you experience this vital  blogging task you will be….just like the experienced bloggers! Gasp!  In your mind blogging administration  will be just as exciting as publishing a post. Everything is exciting in blogging land so blogging admin is bound to take you to new heights of blogging euphoria. You set aside an evening for this momentous event.
  4. Despair. You are a bit tense and up to your eyeballs in blog admin – sorting out spam issues, repairing faulty links, tagging, adding photos and correcting typos / grammar issues on your old blog posts. You have re-vamped some of your old posts by rewriting them, made the titles more appealing, added hashtags and given them some photos. If you are really honest with yourself this blogging admin lark is no fun. You don’t know what those experienced bloggers were going on about because this is like a form of blogging torture. You enter despair mode. It’s getting to you, this blogging admin task. You decide that you need to upgrade your cup of tea to a large glass of wine to help you figure out why a link is still not working on one of your old posts. Is this what hitting the blogging big time feels like? You wonder whether these experienced bloggers really know how to enjoy themselves?
  5. Denial. You cannot see the point of doing blogging admin. Its dull, time consuming and old posts should be left to gather dust in your archive files. Why would anyone want to read your old posts? Surely it’s all about new posts! What is the point of correcting something nobody is ever going to read again? You decide not to carry on as you want to do something useful with your time like tweeting some random quotes. Whilst you are on Twitter you decide to tweet a couple of your old posts, which you re-vamped during your blogging admin session, to prove a point to yourself that this blogging admin lark is a waste of time.
  6. Hope. To your amazement your old re-vamped posts get re-tweeted and when you check your blogging stats they are actually getting read again. Gasp! You start to get a couple of comments and a few likes – hang on – this blogging admin lark might actually be useful! The changes have reenergised your posts and have made them more attractive to readers. Ok so blogging admin is tedious and makes you drink more wine but it looks like it could be a valuable exercise. You smile to yourself and picture those crafty experienced bloggers who knew what they are talking about. You never doubted them! 

Good luck out there bloggers!  

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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

28 thoughts on “6 Stages of Viewing Blogging Admin as Useful  #blogger #SundayBlogShare

  1. On Friday I decided to read some of my first posts, I revamped a poem that I had failed as a new Blogging person to categorise. Just for anyone out there who may be reading this, I changed the date and posted the new look tagged categorised and adapted piece . Low and behold this time it was liked! So you are completely correct and I will go visiting my admin again.
    P.s. some I couldn’t bear so made them private until time allows a second look.

  2. While I’ve been away, I see your blog has been it’s usual hive of activity. For me, blog admin would be a bit like rummaging through old photos best left where they were. I’d have real difficulty revamping posts as it would be akin to turning the ramblings of my old self into the ramblings of my new self. That being said, this year I’ve done that with a novel, so why not old posts. Maybe I’ll put it on my to-do list but without a date attached.

      1. I haven’t been in the sports car for week. Too busy working on my publishing venture. Am waiting for the proof of my paperback to arrive in the post sometime this week. Meanwhile, working on an eBook version. Presently having to learn how to set up all the formatting through the Styles Menu on MS Word, so that the eBook will display okay on all devices rather than just on Kindle. …We’ll see. My head is near to exploding with information, but I love learning new stuff, so no problem.

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