The Truth About Writer’s Caves #Writers #WritersLife



  1. Every writer possesses two caves. The first being a desk, study, kitchen table or a place in a writer’s home where they can creep off to write and block out the world around them. The second cave is that secret place in every writer’s head where they escape to, when they are not writing.
  2. A writer’s cave provides the writer with peace, sanctuary and sometimes comfort.
  3. A writer can look forward to going into their cave. Ideas will be buzzing around their head, their heart will be racing and their eyes will be flashing with creative excitement.
  4. A writer can dread going into their cave because they know what awaits them; a blank piece of paper, a gaping plot hole or three hours of painful editing.
  5. A writer’s cave can be an emotional place. It can be where tears are shed, great confidence battles are fought or shrieks of joy can be heard.
  6. A writer’s cave will have access to other writer’s caves around the world using Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, what’s app and email.
  7. A writer’s cave can be filled with books, bits of paper, stationary, folders, laptops, typewriters and computers. They can also be filled with ideas, thoughts, fears, dreams and aspirations.
  8. A writer’s cave is a place where great things start to grow and take shape.
  9. A writer’s cave is a special and personal place.
  10. A writer’s cave is a portal to another world.


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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

42 thoughts on “The Truth About Writer’s Caves #Writers #WritersLife

  1. Good ones! And what a good-bad cave #6 can be, with perilous drops and panic-inducing squeeze spaces if one lets social media and “time wasting” take over writing time, like I just did, perusing Facebook for too long!

      1. I am my friend. I have figured you are a busy writing bee. I have sent you a few emails updating you on my progress 🙂 whenever you come out of your cave we shall have a good catch up.

  2. My scraps of paper are scattered around the house, but in my cave paper is kept to the minimum. It’s just my desktop computer and me, plus a decent un-peopled view out of the window. These days, the sight of a blank piece of paper and a newly-sharpened pencil sends my brain into a flat spin. I have become a slave to technology.

  3. Caves. Awww, yes… my cave resides in my basement. The atmosphere is just about equal to a cave. haha The cave in my head is a bit of a portal. I love to travel through it. 🙂 Thanks, IBFF. This was a lovely look at writer’s escapism. 🙂

      1. ❤ Doing well. Just trying to get myself organized before Susan sends back the edit of Captive Hope. I need to start writing down lists with boxes I can check off, though. I can't seem to keep track or everything that needs doing. How are you?

  4. She should be done with the edit by the end of this week. That’s the goal anyway. I’m not rushing it. I’ve pushed back the publish date to January. There’s no way I’ll have it done before Christmas. *sigh*

    Check your inbox! I hope my email didn’t go to spam. Life in the Writing Lane (my email newsletter) has a special gift for you. 😀

    What is my chick lit author extraordinaire friend up to? 🙂

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