How Will Literary Critics Regard Your Book? #writer #amwriting



Do you ever find yourself daydreaming about your debut novel being a literary hit?  Ever thought about what those book critics might say about your literary creation?

If you are going to fantasize about your debut novel entering the literary world then you need to do it properly, as no one likes half hearted daydreams.

Here is a list of fantasy  book critic comments about your  debut novel which you could use in future daydreams:

  1. Beautifully written!
  2. A compelling debut!
  3. Wow – A bold creation!
  4. One of the most exciting debuts that I’ve read!
  5. A literary masterpiece!
  6. A Booker Prize contender!
  7. A literary game changer!
  8. Magnificent!
  9. This author aimed for the stars with this book but smashed through the Milky Way!
  10. This book has blockbuster film written all over it!
  11. One of 2015’s (enter year of choice) unforgettable literary debuts!
  12. Colossal!
  13. A hot contender for Book of the Year!
  14. Stand up and welcome this bold new contender into the literary world!
Please let me know if you use any other fantasy book critic comments in your daydreams and I will add to this list.

Happy daydreaming writers!

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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

18 thoughts on “How Will Literary Critics Regard Your Book? #writer #amwriting

  1. This is an adorable post. :p I can’t say that I have ever personally thought about what bloggers, critics, and the like might say because it has been really important to me. I think I care more about the way the book makes the person feel. I want them to find it as a place to disappear for a while, perhaps even something that leaves them speechless or contemplative. :p Maybe I’m reaching too high with that one, but what words people use to describe their praise for my book isn’t nearly as important as the words they use to describe how they felt reading the book.

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