How To Tell If You Are Obsessed With The Fairy Tale Literary Genre #writers #writing

It is very easy for writers to get obsessed with one particular genre but what happens if that obsession gets out of control?

Here are some signs to watch out for if you think you are getting carried away with the fairy tale literary genre:

  1. You start all conversations with “once upon a time…..”
  2. You have lively and animated discussions with animals and birds. Sometimes you break into song mid conversation.
  3. In fairy tale land you are either very wealthy or desperately poor. So you alternate your daily life between the two. Rags to riches one day and riches to rags the next.
  4. Marrying royalty feels like the norm for you.
  5. Your friendship circle contains some magical helpers, but you are always on the look out for more.
  6. You have moved to an enchanted and idyllic setting with some impressive floral displays.
  7. You have identified some of your relatives as evil and have taken precautions. You have made it known that you will no longer accept apple based gifts, go on trips into a dark forest and refrain from any form of sewing with a sharp needle in the presence of these family members.
  8. Fairies, trolls, goblins, ogres, old witches in woods and dwarfs live alongside you in your enchanted setting.
  9. You know that with the help of a fairy godmother you could look amazing and pull any handsome prince / beautiful princess. Sigh!
  10. Every day you encounter terrible bad luck but what keeps you going is that soon you will be rewarded with a happy marriage to a member of royalty.
  11. You enter all social occasions on a white horse with flowers in your hair.
  12. If you are feeling lonely you head down to your pond and start frantically kissing frogs in the hope that a physical transformation will take place.
Live the dream readers!


photo credit: Pexel

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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

43 thoughts on “How To Tell If You Are Obsessed With The Fairy Tale Literary Genre #writers #writing

      1. That’s fine. I assume that’s what people do in castles. Besides eating turkey legs and drinking out of goblets.

      2. Right after i fought some blonde adversary with my sword and captured the Duke of Wellington in his tiny dungeon. Am quite the sword fighter.

  1. Kind of wish that #8 was true because that’d be awesome and I’d no longer have to interact with humans. Oh wait… did I say that aloud? :p

    And who /doesn’t/ enter social events on a white horse with flowers in their hair? It’s such a faux pas NOT to do so! Ugh. People.

    1. I always enter social occasions on a white horse (side saddle), wearing a beautiful flowing dress and with my hair filled with flowers. I share your view on it being a faux pas not to enter in this way. Just getting my horse saddled up now 🙂

  2. Oh, I would so love to enter all social occasions on a white horse! Or just travel around on one permanently. That would be very cool! 🙂

  3. I adore this. It’s a wonderful tale in very few lines. I enjoyed them all. If I had to pick one
    I believe I’d be riding the words of #11.
    Flowers in my hair – check
    White horse – check
    Riding high shoulders back / head high
    My knight just behind.
    Yes, I believe # 11 fits fine. 😇
    Fairy dust sprinkled on you …

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