10 Symptoms of a Creative Head Rush #writers #amwriting


Creative head rush can be defined as:

A moment of intense creativity for a writer.


A creative head rush can result in:

  • One whopper of a new story idea. Or
  • Multiple amazing story ideas 

A creative head rush can feel intense if:

  • You have been experiencing a writing dry patch. Creative ideas are a bit like buses, you wait ages for one to come along and then three come along at once.
  • You have eaten too much cheese.
  • You have drank too much coffee.

Here are the symptoms:

  1. Rapid eye movement.
  2. Onset of facial twitching – your creativity levels are high.
  3. Trembling of limbs – severity depends on new idea potential  and the likelihood of it turning into a future best seller and block buster film.
  4. Deep breaths.
  5. Muttering increases. Can be overheard saying things like “oh my goodness where did that idea come from?” and “I need to sit down as this is serious stuff!”
  6. Scratching of head or in extreme cases hands messing up hair.
  7. Crying out  ‘aghhhhhh’ – sometimes idea overload can get too much for a writer.
  8. Look like your have seen a ghost – wide eyes and open mouth.
  9. Scrabbling for notebook or till receipt to write new idea down quick.
  10. No use to anyone for a good minutes.

Be careful out there writers! These creative head rushes can happen at the most inconvenient moments so take care of yourself.

In the event of a creative head rush, get to a safe place, have a sugary drink and sit or lie down for a bit.

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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

14 thoughts on “10 Symptoms of a Creative Head Rush #writers #amwriting

  1. You should probably wear a medical bracelet or something, to warn people. You know, something like, “if I’m frothing at the mouth and making incoherent noises, please do not drive to hospital. And whatever you do, keep your hands off that notebook, if you value your fingers. I’m a writer and I won’t hesitate to bite that hand off.”

  2. Pulling over to the side of the road grateful that iPhone has a section to scramble notes together as cars whiz by you oblivious to the brilliance pouring out of your head lol

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