Feelings Experienced When A Writer Friend’s Book Is Launched #writers #writer


You are busy slaving away on your third draft, which may take many months to sort out. Whilst you are sweating and muttering to yourself about painful rewriting episodes, a close writer friend is busy launching their latest book. How do you feel?


  1. Excitement. This is the next part of your writer friend’s literary journey and you are excited for them.
  2. Relief. You are relieved because they have finally finished it and got it out there. You know all about the turmoil and struggles they faced whilst writing it. You have all the emails, texts and messages to prove it. It’s a relief to see it being launched.
  3. Pride. You are proud of them for doing something amazing – writing a book. Cue your tweets and Facebook posts about their book launch.
  4. Anxiety. You know your writer friend is anxious, they are worried about how it will be received and what the reviews will be like. You share a bit of their nervousness.
  5. Hope. You cross all fingers and toes in hope that everything will be ok.
  6. Reflection. You start to reflect on your own literary journey. Where are you with your book?
  7. Guilt. You are nowhere near publishing your book as you are still trying to get over some tough literary hurdles. Perhaps it should be you getting all excited about a book launch?
  8. Respect. You respect your writer friend a little bit more. They didn’t give up when the going got tough. All those times when they were on the verge of throwing it all away. All those emotional and heartfelt emails they sent you about whether they were doing the right thing. They persisted!   Never lost sight of their dream, dug deep and found that inner writer strength. Cue your messages to them about how much you respect them!
  9. Motivation. Seeing the cover of their book on your e-reader makes you want to grab your laptop and start tackling your own work. If they can do it so can you!
  10. Envy. You are green with envy!


This post is dedicated to all my writing friends and blogging friends who have recently published or are in the process of launching a book.  You are all an inspiration to me!

Please send me the signed photos so I can sell them on eBay when you are all famous 🙂


photo credit:  Stocksnaps

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46 thoughts on “Feelings Experienced When A Writer Friend’s Book Is Launched #writers #writer

  1. Nice list, although I think if you’re being honest you’ve missed one: envy. It may be just a tiny pang on hearing the news and wishing it was you but I think most authors, especially those unpublished, feel a little envious that their friend finally got there (along with all the other emotions you’ve mentioned). The good news is that it’s a great motivational tool.

      1. The love-hate thing with your novel is a normal part of the creative process. My main reason for disliking a work in progress is normally related to me fighting against deleting a chunk of the story that needs to go — probably some piece of writing that I really like but fails to move the story forward.

  2. A good list. Nice to get some insight. Even reading about other writers writing gives me motivation to write, let alone publishing. 🙂

  3. I know exactly how you feel! It’s been an incredible journey, and (funny enough) today is the release date of one of my Twitter friend’s debut novels. It’s just making me that much more anxious for my own turn. ❤ ❤ Signed photos, here we come! haha

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