The 5 Stages of New Character Creation #writer #amwriting

Character Creation

Creating new characters can be very enjoyable. Here are the 5 stages of this pleasurable process:

  1. Creation. New characters can be created as a result of:
    1. A new story idea.
    2. An old story revamped.
    3. A creative brain storming session.
    4. A dream or a nightmare.
    5. Someone crossing you in your day to day life and you turning them into a new character.
    6. Inspiration from a film or TV programme.
    7. Too much wine, cheese or chocolate.
    8. Boredom with your existing characters.
    9. A flash of inspiration.
    10. Spiritual revelation.
    11. A strong cup of coffee
    12. A moment of madness
    13. Feedback from a reviewer
    14. A bump to the head
    15. A memory from your past
    16. A hormone change.
    17. A raised body temperature / fever.
  2. First Impressions. You start to think about your new character in more detail. You picture them in your mind, think about what they are wearing, what they look like, their personality, how they speak and how they interact with your other characters. You may start to make some notes, whip up a quick character profile or just sit and daydream about them.
  3. Honeymoon. During the honeymoon phase you will find yourself thinking about them a lot, doing some loud sighing and writing about them a bit too much. They will take over your writer mind. Your other characters may get a little jealous and have to be firmly told to ‘sit back down!’. I love this honeymoon stage of new character creation. Your shiny new character can do no wrong in your eyes. Sigh!
  4. Reality. The honeymoon period ends and it’s back to reality for you and your new character. After a couple of chapters some of their shine will have rubbed off and you may feel some mild irritation when they enter a scene. You will find yourself debating their existence and reviewing the impact that they made to your story. Was all the excitement and sighing at the start of your writer / character relationship worth it?  Have they peaked too soon?
  5. Hope. Your new character will cling onto the hope that they make it to the end of the book in one piece.

Enjoy those new character creations!

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12 thoughts on “The 5 Stages of New Character Creation #writer #amwriting

  1. These sound so familiar. Especially other characters getting jealous. I have one character who’s been with me for yeears and whenever I start a new story, he comes back with the usual “So when’s my time to shine?” before retreating back to wherever he came form. I suppose he’s a bit stuck in the hope zone.

  2. Ah yes the honeymoon period. I’ve often been through this phase of thinking this is the best character I’ve ever created, only to then feel like maybe not, then they are again, then maybe not… Characters can take you on quite a roller-coaster. 🙂

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