13 Things A Writer Might Say When Suffering From Writer Despair #writers #amwriting


Writer Despair

  1.  “I am not writing enough, I am behind on my word count!!”
  2. “I am writing too much, I am getting obsessed!”
  3.  “I thought I had sorted out that reoccurring typo issue but its come back”
  4. “My page numbering is all wrong”
  5. “They [enter writer / author of choice] write better stuff than me!”
  6. “I have so many plot ideas I don’t know which one to write – aghhhhhh!”
  7.  “You don’t know how hard it is for me being a writer!”
  8. “My laptop has lost my work – aghhhhh!”
  9. “I can’t think of a good first sentence to open my first chapter!”
  10. “I haven’t written anything for 24 hours and I am climbing the walls!”
  11. “I have rewritten my book and my reviewers still don’t like it!”
  12. “There is no more cheese left in the fridge”
  13. “I have no idea what genre my book is……I seem to have created my own genre”

Take care out there writers!

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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

38 thoughts on “13 Things A Writer Might Say When Suffering From Writer Despair #writers #amwriting

  1. Oo… #8. -.- That one is a devil! My laptop is well beyond it’s expiration date and as a result has taken to just… stopping. It’ll turn off if I tap the left corner just right. It doesn’t hibernate. I had to buy an external hard drive and back up frequently for fear of losing my novels-in-progress. So annoying! (Yet, I’m waiting for it to die so I can buy a new one. >.> And it won’t die completely. *sigh*)

    #6 is most DEFINITELY one that I suffer with. I have like… five series that I’ve started, but I NEVER make it to book two. I always end up finding a new idea for a different, completely unrelated series, and don’t make it back to the old one. However, this is changing! I am finishing book ones! I AM join to write a sequel… after NaNo… >.> Don’t judge me.

    I also have an issue with #4, but not page numbers per say, rather chapter numbers. I am constantly adding, subtracting, rearranging my chapters and, as a result, end up with a complete random order of chapter numbers. As such, I no longer pay any attention. I am now going to simply wait until a draft is done before I really care. Saves so much time and stress that way. :p

    1. You do make me smile! What a comment! Thx for this. Writing a series is the ultimate – live the dream and tell us what it’s like? Have heard books two and three are the hardest but by books four and five you are storming!

      1. Haha! I try to leave meaningful comments. ^.^ Glad you enjoyed it.

        I will most definitely let you know what it’s like when I get there. Though, I doubt I’ll write a series that will ever get me to a book four. I, unfortunately, follow the very dystopian cliche of writing trilogies. *sigh* Yet, perhaps, my stories will change their minds and I’ll be able to spice it up enough to extend to book four. Oh, I do love smashing cliches. :p

      2. Aw! Thank you so much! I hope you continue to feel that way about it as I do actually have 4 books planned for that series. ^.^ Though, feel free to say if you don’t, too. Brutal honesty is what I need. ^.^

  2. Hahaha. I can especially relate to that dreaded opening line. It can take weeks to come up with the perfect one. Sigh. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, my blonde friend across the pond!

    1. Arrrrrr thx Sue Coletta – am wishing all my ‘fellow’ (gasp) American readers / followers happy Thanksgiving tomorrow. Hope you have a wonderful time and don’t eat too much turkey!

  3. 12. I swear I need to have a contract written up with the vet school down the road (they have their own cows). Cheese must always be available for those moments I when I’ve already eaten too much chocolate.

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