7 Different Writing Days #writers #writerslife

#writer #amwriting


#writer #amwriting

It would get boring for us writers if everyday was the same; get up, write, eat, write, eat, write go to bed. Luckily the life of a writer is varied and everyday brings a different set of challenges.

Here are 7 different writing days:

  1. Binge Writing Day– This is the day you secretly yearn for. It’s the day when you just bang out words. On this day you are committed, focused, productive and on form. The quality of your words doesn’t stop you. You are writing and that’s the main thing. By the end of the day you are tired but happy. Your writing output  = pages and pages of wonderful words.
  2. Writing Drought Day. This is the day where no matter how long you sit at the desk nothing appears. Your creativity has dried up. Cue the long and painful day ahead. By the end of the day you are plagued with doubts about your ability to write and your long-term future as a writer. Your writing output = two words at the top of a page.. ‘Chapter One’
  3. Writing Distraction Day. This is the day where you are distracted by just about everything other than writing – social media, TV, Netflix, food, weather, cracks on the wall, insects, fashion trends for next year, the latest phone app game involving jewels, pet psychology, end of the world theories etc. Your writing output = zilch!
  4. Writing Related Social Media Day. This is the day where you spend most of it on social media tweeting, pinning and posting stuff about being a writer or letting others know about your amazing writing habits – as opposed to actually writing. Your writing output = low word count consisting of tweets and status updates. 
  5. Writing Doom and Gloom Day. This is the day where you feel gloomy and fed up about writing. You spend more time over thinking your writing problems than actually writing. At some point during the day you will be consumed by dark thoughts and have to go lie down. Your writing output = 1-2 pages. Produced with the help of some tears, loud  and pessimistic thoughts.
  6. Writing Procrastination Day. This is the day where you spend it telling yourself that you will ‘write later’.  Sadly ‘later’ never arrives. You spend the day keeping yourself busy so that you don’t have to do any writing. Your day will be spent dusting bookcases, rearranging spice pots into alphabetical order, cleaning baths with toothbrushes and ironing tea towels. Writing output = zilch.
  7. Writing Daydream Day. This is the day where you sit at the writing desk and after a bit of writing you drift off into a glorious daydream about becoming a best-selling author. The day is spent writing, daydreaming, writing, daydreaming, writing and it usually ends with a long gaze out of a window, followed by a loud sigh. Writing output = depends on how good your daydream was!

Enjoy your days writers!

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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

36 thoughts on “7 Different Writing Days #writers #writerslife

  1. OMG …. this is all so true. You have described everything perfectly. I even get the pet psychology bit! Again … great post girl!

  2. Oh man I can relate. What’s sad is that most of these writing days mean getting little done.

    Thankfully I post a lot on message boards. So even on a slow day I tend to write some kind of argument. I don’t use Twitter and rarely post on Facebook. Message boards are better places to discuss things and practice writing.

  3. I chuckled as I saw myself in each one of these days. It helps to see the structure of it all, but is there a more balanced day? One where it isn’t a binge but work gets done too? I’m hoping for balance 🙂 Thanks for a great read!

  4. I’ve had each one of these kinds of days, and they seem to go in cycles 🙂 … One I can add is the days I am trying to figure out some technical thing on the computer and make it work on my blog…and it takes up hours, which means little or no actual writing!

  5. I love writing but I will never write a blog. Too many people just want to twist your words to support their satanic gang activity. Besides, nobody wants the truth….that would screw everything up.

  6. Too funny! Honestly I think I’ve had all of these days at one point or another and I definitely bounce back and forth between them frequently and inconsistently. :p Though, I’m not much for social media. So, thankfully that one is very few and far between. ^.^ I need another binge day soon!(Blog post bindge day unfortunately. )

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