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There are several stages to the Book series reading binge:


  1. Denial. Everyone around you is talking about this amazing new book series. It’s so good your friend claims that life stood still whilst they read the entire series. They talk about how the first book in the series catapulted them to new levels of reading euphoria, the second book blew their mind and by book three they were a shadow of their former self. You struggle to believe this literary tale. You have always considered yourself to be different to those around you, especially when it comes to reading. It’s rare for you to get carried away with a book, let alone an entire series. You don’t follow book fads. Out of curiosity you buy the first book in the series, but you make it clear to your friend that you are different. You tell them that its unlikely that you will reach book two – you are a lion and not a sheep when it comes to reading!
  2. Secret Euphoria. You have reached the middle of book one and you are flooded with literary euphoria. The book is so good you forgot to make your usual cheese and pickle sandwich with a small side salad for lunch. It’s now 4pm  and you haven’t eaten anything. You cannot put the book down! Your fingers are itching to get onto social media and shout about the book but you can’t because you made such a big deal about not getting carried away with it. So you are forced to keep your intense feelings of literary happiness secret.
  3. Book Withdrawal. After finishing book one you immediately start to suffer from book withdrawal symptoms. This wasn’t the plan. In your head you envisaged yourself waiting maybe a week or two before casually reading the second book. Cue your sweaty palms, short breath, racing heart and trembling hands. Book withdrawal can be nasty especially if you know there are other books in the series waiting for you.
  4. Frenzied Purchasing. After some anxious pacing you decide that you can’t suffer these strong  book withdrawal symptoms any longer. Life is too short. Its only been a matter of hours since you finished book one but you can’t stop thinking about those characters and that cliff hanger at the end of book one. The withdrawal symptoms are coming in powerful waves. Why put yourself through unnecessary anguish?  You are an emotional mess. When no one is watching you nip onto to Amazon with only one thing on your mind – buy the rest of the series in a book buying frenzy!  This series needs to be read and fast.
  5. Reading Binge. Life grinds to a halt as you take to the sofa and binge read the entire series. Things like eating, washing, sleeping and interacting with other humans go out the window. By the end of the book series you are tired but satisfied. The reading frenzy is over as you crawl away. You tell your friend the next day that you didn’t think much of the first book. Sigh!

Take it easy readers!


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30 thoughts on “The Book Series Reading Binge #Bookworm #BookSeries #AmReading

      1. You’re welcome.

        It’s a long recovery process that has had some setbacks. 😦 Hopefully by the end of Winter, he’ll be feeling more on the normal side of things. Thanks for asking.

        Have a good day.

    1. Ok I will nip over and check you out! Yes I do need to write less :-)) Need to finish my novel and not get distracted with blog – easier said that done 🙂 happy Sunday!

  1. I love reading books that come in a series. It’s kind of better if you only start them when there are several out already, so you can get a good head start on them all. Waiting for the next one is so hard. Keep posting all your lists…I can relate to most all of them!

  2. Hahaha! This is too funny, but I can’t actually say I’ve done this. :p Though, I’m one of those who just won’t read a book if it’s popular. (Hipster apparently. Ugh.) Though I do this quite often with songs.

  3. Whenever I find myself loving a trilogy so much that I read the books back-to-back, it spoils my desire to read anything for weeks after. I’m still suffering from Hugh Howey “Wool trilogy” withdrawal symptoms. Had the same trouble with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Can’t say I rushed to read past the first in 50 shades. My daughter insisted I read volume 1. There’s only so many times I could stand reading about Anastasia chewing at her bottom lip, let alone all those whips & chains!

  4. I think you meant this as humorous, but it’s far too close to the truth. I do this about once every few months. Usually, there are 10-20 books in the series. I try to check them out of the library, but will settle for Kindle.

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