How To Deny A Fictional Character Crush #writers #amreading


How To Deny A Fictional Character Crush

Denying that you have a crush on a fictional character is hard.

Here are 12 suggested things to say when convincing a loved one or a friend that you do not have strong feelings for someone made up:

  1. ‘It’s just a bit of character favouritism. We all suffer from it at some point in our literary careers.’
  2. ‘They [fictional character] have a lot of issues which means I need to spend a lot of my time focusing on them.’
  3. ‘They [fictional character] don’t exist – how can I have a crush on someone who doesn’t exist?’
  4. ‘All my other characters are a bit dull so that’s why I am just  working on this one.’
  5. ‘I often say the names of my characters in my sleep, it’s common for writers to do this.’
  6. ‘Crushes are for teenagers not  serious adult writers!’
  7. ‘I may act like I have a crush on my character but what I am really doing is acting out  what it would be like to have a crush on them. You know for other characters and stuff….’
  8. ‘I often fan myself whilst writing!’
  9. ‘Do you think I would be mad enough to have a crush on a dashing, pale faced, blood thirsty vampire?’
  10. ‘It’s not a crush, it’s that new cheese in the fridge, made me feel light-headed and act a little strange!’
  11. ‘I always look flushed after writing’
  12. ‘Yes – I have just written the same love scene for the 76th time today but that just shows I am a perfectionist’

If anyone has any other useful things to say when denying a fictional character crush please let me know 🙂

Enjoy those crushes on your characters writers! #writerperk

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27 thoughts on “How To Deny A Fictional Character Crush #writers #amreading

  1. I wouldn’t deny it…. In your mind they’re real. The best thing is you can act out with them as much as you like and they wont leave. Happy Wednesday. ☺☺☺

  2. I have told myself at least half of these! It’s worse when I am no longer writing but my crush and I are having a time of our lives! And the plot in my head is not related to the book at all! 😉

  3. Haha! These crushes can be harmless (?) fun, and even lead to sequels you never intended to write. One word of caution, though — if you’re too fond of your character you may cut them too much slack and not put them in sufficiently tension-producing situations, thus cheating your readers. (I’ve been accused of this by members of my critique group).

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