20 Ways To Describe Your Imperfect First Draft #writers #writerslife



First drafts rarely turn out to be literary masterpieces.

Normally you are left scratching your head whilst asking yourself  ‘what have I written?’

You are then faced with the prospect of enduring a number of painful re-drafts to get your novel to its final polished state.

Here are some suggestions on how you might describe your first draft’s imperfect state:

  1. Could be better!
  2. Needs a lot more work!
  3. It’s highlighted a lot of my writing weaknesses.
  4. Its bad!
  5. Oh my goodness it’s naff!
  6. It has potential although I can’t see it at the moment.
  7. It reads very different to the story I had in my head.
  8. Oh my goodness it’s so stinky!
  9. A pile of literary wrong!
  10. A load of literary boo boo!
  11. Yuk!
  12. It’s not pretty!
  13. It’s very rough!
  14. A load of pants!
  15. It sucks!
  16. Useful material for a bonfire!
  17. Makes me want to cry!
  18. Dire!
  19. Sh&tty!
  20. Silence / look away.

If anyone has any other ways of describing a first draft please let me know and I will add to my list 🙂

Hang in there writers!

Remember imperfect first drafts rock! Great things happen once you start to work on them :-))

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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

29 thoughts on “20 Ways To Describe Your Imperfect First Draft #writers #writerslife

  1. To be honest, all I can think about is, “Precious! My precious is here!” while I run my fingers over the screen… Like all parents, my baby is the prettiest thing on Earth, even if covered in goo.

  2. Psh! What are you talking about? My first drafts are amazing! *glances at fire in trash can* That was an extra copy… *cough*

    Though, I must say that my derogatory comments towards my first draft are generally far more specific: “what the Hell was I doing there?” “Why is that character doing that?” “Who are you again?” “Why is this scene half-finished?” “I don’t remember writing that.” -.-

  3. Oh, come on. Those are so depressing, if not a bit funny. #7 was a hoot!
    How about something like – “It just needs a serious spa day” or “My mother would love you just the way your are” or “Well, you’re an ugly duckling now, but just wait until you grow up!”

  4. What resonates most is ‘it reads so differently from the story I had in my head’. That happens to me EVERY SINGLE TIME. And I’ve written 20 novels :). Oh, and I always think it’s crap, too, of course – and I’m sure I’m right!!!

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