Useful Things To Do To Your Blog Over Christmas #BloggingGals #Blogger



Things get quiet in blogging land during the month of December, so it’s an ideal opportunity to start tinkering with your blog.

January is a busy blogging month so use this quiet time in December to make some tweaks, which will hopefully pay off come January.

Here are some useful stuff to do:

  1. Play around with your blog theme. Is it time for a change in appearance or a freshen up perhaps?
  2. Update and reenergize old posts. This does work and it does drive extra traffic – have done it myself! Add photos to old posts, rewrite them if necessary and repair dodgy links. Then tweet or pin them.
  3. Start looking for guest bloggers to appear on your blog in January. I had some marvellous guest bloggers last January and they really helped get my blog off to a good start. I will be on the look out too so let’s all keep our eyes peeled for guest bloggers!
  4. Try out some new post styles. If you haven’t experienced list posts – try them! Easy to put together and effective for busy blog readers who want to read whilst on the go.
  5. Make sure all your social media channels are working. This time last year I was scratching my blonde head wondering why none of my posts were going on Twitter and why no one was following me. I had a faulty Twitter feed. A kind blogger helped me repair it and it brought new life to my blog traffic.
  6. Hunt out new blogs to follow and start commenting. Interacting with other bloggers is so important.
  7. Stock pile good images.
  8. Review your ‘About’ page. You will be surprised how many people view it so make sure it sells you and your blog.

Whatever you do, don’t give up during this quiet festive month. Use  this blogging time to strengthen and reenergize your blog!

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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

48 thoughts on “Useful Things To Do To Your Blog Over Christmas #BloggingGals #Blogger

  1. Thank you for all the blogging tips/advice you share. Just yesterday I changed my theme…not quite used to it yet 😉 I need to begin reviving older posts, though. Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

  2. Yay guest bloggers! I’m already taking advantage of that idea. :p

    And speaking of ‘About’ pages. Totally broke mine recently. >.> *Sigh* So happy I caught that and was able to update it. I like the new version better. :p

  3. “Update and reenergise old posts.” I had honestly never considered this. In a curious way, many of my posts are pretty evergreen, in that fiction (or verse) are fairly timeless, I think. I also think there’s a ton of merit to the ‘about’ page and guest-posting suggestions you offer. All these tips taken together make for a really bang-up blog, I think. Thanks for the wonderful advice!

      1. Being greedy… Could you write a post on updating old posts? It sounds fab but I’m not sure I know exactly what you mean. Reblog? Freshen them up with photos and editing then promote them again? Or rewrite them and post them as a new post?

        Lost Lemon Shark

  4. Great post and ideas.
    I’m curious about #3 – How does one go about looking for guest bloggers to appear?
    Any suggestions and ideas? Maybe you’ve written a post on the matter that you would like to share? 🙂

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