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My friend Matt got sick. I made him lots of ‘get well’ cards, sent funny emails for him to read in hospital and looked after his buildings on Minecraft.

Mum told me one morning, with tears in her eyes, that Matt had become a star in the night sky. She told me that when people get very sick they sometimes turn into stars. Just like Grandpa Jones did last year.

I was sad but I knew my friend Matt was not a star.

Two days later Mum took me outside and pointed up at the twinkling stars dotted across the night sky. She asked me which one I thought Matt was. I kept quiet. Matt was not a star.

In school my teacher took me aside. He asked me how I was feeling about Matt. I kept quiet and fiddled with my workbook.

Earlier that day I had tried to explain to Mum that Matt was not a star and that I wasn’t sad anymore. She didn’t understand.

When I came home from school Mum let me play Minecraft. Before he got sick Matt and I would play it together for hours in my bedroom.

We created a Minecraft world together where we would both build magnificent buildings and amazing waterfalls. We filled it with people and animals. It was our special place.

Matt always constructed better buildings than me. He knew which bricks to use and how to add cool secret passageways.

I asked him how he got so good at Minecraft. He said he played it in secret in his bedroom, when he was supposed to be using his telescope. Whilst his parents thought he was learning about the planets and stars he was busy on Minecraft.

I am sat eating my tea at the dinner table. Mum is on the phone, in the kitchen, telling Grandma Jones that tonight we are going to look up into the night sky to see if we can spot Matt’s star. Mum thinks I can’t hear her.

I want to shout. Matt is not a star. Before he got sick he liked to make and build stuff. Twinkling every night would be really boring for my friend Matt.

My iPad is propped up against the Ketchup bottle in front of me. I am sat eating my chicken casserole and staring at my iPad. A little Minecraft person is busy building a fantastic house. I don’t have to touch the screen or do anything. I just sit and watch them at work.

When my friend Matt died he didn’t become a star. He became part of our Minecraft game. Matt now lives deep inside my iPad, in a fantastic Minecraft house with lots of secret rooms, a collection of pigs and a huge waterfall. 

Whilst I am busy or at school he spends his time doing what he always did best; building and transforming our special place.

This was my entry for the weekly blog battle contest run by the one and only Rachael Ritchey.

If you want to join these fierce international battles please click here.

This week the word is: bricks

The genre is: Children’s Fiction

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45 thoughts on “My Friend Matt #blogbattle #flashfiction #minecraft

  1. Omg this is beautiful. I want to cry! Is this a true story? Except without ipads because we’re old and maybe it would be Nintendo 64 back then hahaha

  2. That’s such a cool story… I would love to come back as a Minecraft character. I did smile when I saw you had done a Minecraft story. It’s brilliant! 🙂

      1. I better get some ideas – maybe a permanently invisble character called Malcolm lol 😉
        Joking… I need my thinking cap though! 🙂

  3. I could see this happening really easily (especially in that my kidlets are into MC right now, too; it’s so pervasive!). The voicing and situations are good and authentic sounding. Even though this is sad/poignant, I’d say this should be in a kid’s literature magazine, e.g., in the Highlights family (in the U.S.; not sure of UK equivalents). Very nice bit of modern, relatable children’s fiction (you just might want to throw in a couple more MC characters if you were to lengthen this story–e.g., Endermen, Ender dragon, creepers, ghasts, zombies, zombie pigmen, villagers, etc. . . . in addition to the farm animals you mention–and there are animals like ocelot, mooshrooms, ducks, etc. too!). I wonder, though, if one runs into trademark issues using a lot of existing-world characters, making it cross over into ‘fan fiction’ then. Even if it did . . . possibly with MC you could make money (as a writer) doing fan fiction. It’s something to consider!

    1. Thx – really useful comment. I always like your comments Leigh W Smith 🙂 My two love MC and that’s where it stemmed from. Also we have been through grief so seeing how kids approach it is interesting. Mine found the idea of being stars boring 🙂

  4. Loved this!! My two boys are so into MC too, they are always showing me what they have built. This is a great example of how we as parents try to help kids understand a certain thing, but most of the time they have a better way of handling it on their own. How awesome to life in MC with a collection of pigs and a huge waterfall, doing what he does best!! 🙂

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