The Twelve Days Of Christmas For A Writer #AmWriting #Writer

On the second week of Christmas my draft novel gave to me:

12 Irritating typos

11 Instances of repetition.

10 Urges to pin motivational writer quotes on Pinterest.

9  Lengthy emails to writer friends.

8  Failed attempts to change the opening sentence.

7  Cups of strong coffee.

6  Thoughts of quitting.

5   Literary agent daydreams.

4  Creative breakdowns.

3  Powerful urges for cheese.

2  Massive plot holes

And 1 large goofy smile!

Happy Christmas Writers!

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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

33 thoughts on “The Twelve Days Of Christmas For A Writer #AmWriting #Writer

  1. Ditto X 12, but all the year round. If there are any typos in my now published book, I will scream … very loudly … and head for the cheese. No more creative writing for me until the New Year, apart from flash fiction and haiku. I am back, my dear friend, having deserted you terribly for more than a month. Am sharing some virtual cheese with you now. Which variety would you like from my cheese board?

  2. Only 7 urges for strong coffee? Man. These people be tough!

    *stuffs literary agent daydreams in closet* I have NO idea what you’re talking about. >.>

    No thoughts of quitting, more like… very large expanses of procrastination. :p

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