10 Signs Your Plot Bunny Breeding Is Out Of Control #writer #amwriting


Plot Bunny definition:

The metaphorical image of the writer’s brain producing ideas with the abundance and speed with which rabbits are fabled to breed.

  1. New plot ideas spring into your head at an alarming rate just like breeding rabbits.
  2. All your new plot ideas look cute and adorable, like baby rabbits.
  3. You find yourself completely distracted by those fluffy new plot ideas.
  4. Like baby rabbits all your new plot ideas compete for your attention.
  5. You are half way through your story and then a new plot idea scampers across your mind, just like a naughty bunny.
  6. You struggle to not pet and coo over your new plot ideas.
  7. Your mind feels busy, chaotic and full of new plot ideas. It feels like someone left a basket of bunnies in there.
  8. You don’t have a finished story, just a load of half-finished ideas.
  9. A new idea keeps on bothering you, just like a cute friendly bunny.
  10. Your plot bunnies breed at the wrong times. When you have finished one story and are looking for another they stop breeding. When you are halfway through your novel your bunnies go into super breeding mode.


Learn to control your breeding programme:

  • Write those new ideas down as soon as they appear in your head.
  • Once on paper tell yourself that you will return to give them some attention when you are ready.
  • Be disciplined and stick to what you are writing.
  • Don’t be tempted to go coo and pet adorable new ideas which resemble cute little bunnies.

Happy breeding 🙂

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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

35 thoughts on “10 Signs Your Plot Bunny Breeding Is Out Of Control #writer #amwriting

  1. I have this problem and it drives me crazy! The only thing I can do is write them down and make them wait in line because you can’t write everything at once, and sadly you can’t write everything, so I focus on the ones that are most persistent.

  2. My bunnies are all over the place to the point where I’m juggling them all! When I feel stuck with one project I hop over to another one and then return to the project I left when I’m less stuck. I don’t quite know if that is good or bad. Love the bunny metaphor though.

  3. Happy Thursday, you Bunny! 😀 I usually try to imagine Bugs Bunny chomping on his carrot and squeaking “That’s all is left of your idea, buddy” And poof it’s just gone 😛

  4. Control the breeding program? What backwards dystopian world is this? We must give them the freedom to breed as they will. (That’s what a GIANT word document full of ideas is for. You know, the one I never go back to because more ideas pop up and take precedence so that I never have time to look back at my old document. *cough*) At least, I’ll always have story ideas. ^.^ (Literally. -.- I don’t think I can run out.)

  5. Bunnies? Ah, at times it seems as if they are trolls lurking and waiting to sabotage any signs of progress… 🙂

    Thank you for choosing to follow one of my blogs. Lea

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