How Writers Can Use Selfies In Their Creative Process #writers #amwriting

There are so many ways a writer can use selfies in their creative process.

Here are just a few:

  1. You can perfect the moody writer look via selfies. Keep clicking away until you have the best grumpy faced shot. Check out some famous moody writer selfies via this article from Flavorwire titled ’12 Amazing Author Selfies’.
  2. Take selfies to document your writer life for future generations. Let them see how much fun you were having writing that legendary novel.
  3. Prepare yourself for future writer stardom by practicing posing for public-facing images via lots of selfies. This is best done at the end of a good writing day. You will be high from writing and in that ‘I am going to be famous’ mindset.
  4. Record your many writer faces via a series of selfies. The average writer pulls a number of different faces during a session so it can be fun to document these. Here are 19 writer faces that I have pulled together.
  5. Understand facial expressions more with selfies and use them when describing character expressions. You will be amazed at how faces can be brought to life with different expressions. Practice them via selfies and write down everything you notice about light, shadows, creases, eyes and foreheads.
  6. Cheer up a glum writing friend by emailing them a comedy duckface selfie of you (and pray to God they don’t tweet it :-))
  7. Celebrate that moment when you feel good about your writing and take a selfie. Then when you feel rubbish about your writing whip it out and remind yourself of that (rare) happy writing moment.

Have fun out there writers!

Photo: Upsplash.

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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

15 thoughts on “How Writers Can Use Selfies In Their Creative Process #writers #amwriting

  1. Hadn’t thought of any of these. Not a selfie type person. Too self-concious. But actually some of those could be useful. Who knew selfie’s could have a practical use?

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