Stormtrooper Day Off #StarWars #Flashfiction #Blog Battle


Two toy Stormtrooper figures were making the most of their day off. The child, who owned them, was Christmas shopping with his parents, so the Stormtroopers had decided to take a well earned break.

‘Do you think it will snow again Tony?’ asked Eric staring up at the sky. ‘I really want to watch a pretty little snowflake float down and settle on my helmet’.

‘Eric!’ exclaimed Tony, ‘please don’t say that too loud, Darth Vader might hear!’

‘Why?’ asked Eric continuing to look up into the sky.

‘He wouldn’t be very happy’ muttered Tony.

‘What has my passion for watching pretty little snowflakes got to do with Darth what’s his face?’ asked Eric, still gazing up into the sky.

Tony sat up and looked across at Eric. ‘No one from the Death Star enjoys watching pretty little snowflakes.’ 

Eric sat bolt upright. ‘How many times Tony?’ he exclaimed raising his arms. ‘We are NOT on the Death Star, we are in some back garden just south of Croydon’.

Tony sighed loudly. ‘Eric we are Stormtroopers, the elite shock troops of the Imperial Army. This basically means we are trained killers. Snowflake gazing is not in our job description’.

‘But they look so delicate and magical’ said Eric lying back down in the snow.

‘Careful Eric, he’s always watching’ whispered Tony, scanning the snow coated garden.

‘What like some sort of weird toy stalker?’ asked Eric looking at Tony.

‘Don’t be silly now’ snapped Tony shaking his head.

‘I am being serious’ said Eric.  

Tony stood up and looked into the dark grey sky. ‘When he summons us we will have to go, we cannot fail him’.

‘Who are you talking about now?’ asked Eric.

‘Our great leader’ sighed Tony.

‘I wouldn’t call our 7 year old human owner a great leader’  said Eric. ‘He struggles with his shoe laces, doesn’t wash his hands after going to the toilet and shoves the cat in the toy pram when his mother isn’t looking’.

‘Eric’ sighed Tony shaking his head with disapproval. ‘I am talking about Darth Vader. I only answer to him.’

Eric let out a chuckle. ‘No you don’t Tony’ he said. ‘That Princess Leia doll has got you wrapped around her little finger. You are so hen pecked!’.

‘I am NOT!’ snapped Tony turning his back on Eric. ‘She means nothing to me’.

‘Yea right Tony!’ said Eric sarcastically. ‘I saw you the other day following her about like some puppy dog’.

‘She’s the rebel leader!’ snapped Tony. ‘I was making sure she didn’t escape or put any plans inside droids’.

Eric sighed loudly. ‘I hate to break this to you Tony, but she’s just  a doll’.

‘Not to me Eric and certainly not to Darth Vader’ replied Tony staring out across the garden.

‘You and this Darth chap need to get out more’ said Eric stretching out his plastic legs in the snow.

‘Please don’t jest about our great leader Eric’ snapped Tony.

‘Oh look its starting to snow’ exclaimed Eric, lying back in the snow and looking up at the sky.

‘I am not speaking to you Eric’ said Tony.

‘I’m glad because I won’t hear anymore nonsense about Darth you know who and life on the Death Star!’ exclaimed Eric, placing his arms behind his head.

‘The force has changed you Eric’ hissed Tony.

‘Pretty little snowflakes have changed me!’ sighed Eric.


This was my entry to this week’s blog battle contest. These fierce contests are run by Rachael Ritchey. If you want to join us please click here.

The genre was comedy.

The word was flake.

photo credit: <a href=”″>Camouflage #3</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>(license)</a&gt;


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29 thoughts on “Stormtrooper Day Off #StarWars #Flashfiction #Blog Battle

  1. The return of the toy storm troopers – love it. 🙂 Funny and festive – what more could you want on Christmas Eve? Merry Christmas. 🙂

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