10 Signs of a Happy Festive Writer #writer #amwriting 


  1. You give your characters a well earned break during the festive period and make a decision not to kill any of them off….for a couple of days. 
  2. You wish all your reviewers a very happy Christmas, even the ones who slated your work and made you cry. 
  3. You only write happy scenes during the festive period. 
  4. You inform loved ones that there will be no creative breakdowns / emotional outbursts from you until after the festive period. Sigh! 
  5. You increase your cheese allowance. 
  6. You spend some quality time decorating your writing corner and doing a spot of festive procrastination.
  7. You make the family aware that you have a rare literary treat for them on Christmas Day and that they need to be prepared for a special reading post Christmas lunch. Sigh!
  8. You wrap up that stinky first draft of your novel in some nice paper, stick a bow on it and give it to a relative who lives in a remote part of the country.
  9. You try to think nice and pleasant thoughts about successful authors currently enjoying lots of literary success. 
  10. You raise a toast to your draft novel and promise not to bin it until after the festive period.

Stay festive writers 🙂 

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    I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

    22 thoughts on “10 Signs of a Happy Festive Writer #writer #amwriting 

    1. Ha … you bet … had trouble with that lately. Strange world we live in. We have to think dually in opposition to ourselves. We get depressed when we take ourselves too seriously and become arrogant when we don’t. It is hard to remember that we are little more than nothing at all in the great expanse of time and space, then we when realize that this is what everything really is, we feel a little better if our chemistry permits. Type and type. Burn away the time. It lies too heavy on a creative soul.

    2. Today I began reading your Blog, after an absence travelling and for the first time I felt fear creep over me. Not to write and let someone read my draft,
      although I can see where you are coming from… Really , I know it may be the best way forward for some, maybe even just what I need. Now I feel the pulse in my carotid artery begin to jump a loud whooshing noise in my ears, I pick up my pen and slowly everything is returned to normal. I do not believe I am ready for some of your steps but I will include nos. 2, 5, ,9 and 10. Merry Christmas. 😇

    3. Hmmm.. festive procrastination. A nice break from the usual procrastination. 🙂 Hope you and your draft novel have a Happy Christmas.

    4. WHAT?! The holidays is the BEST time to kill people off. What is this?! NO MERCY! FOR WINTERFELL! THIS IS SPARTA!

      Happy scenes?! What is this contemporary fluff of which you speak?! *scribbles suspenseful horror scenes all over the place*

      Oo! Speaking of special Christmas posts. Heh heh heh. You will see my dark, devilish, Christmas-ruining, writing-glory, on Christmas day at noon. *evil smirk*

      P.s. Merry Christmas! (almost :p)

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