A Writer’s Christmas Gift List #writers #Christmas #Writer


Here is a Writer’s Christmas Gift List:

  1. A Writer’s Chair that gives you an electric shock every time you attempt to get out of it whilst in writing mode.
  2. A pair of lucky writer’s undies!
  3. An intravenous coffee drip.
  4. A miracle cure for writer’s block.
  5. A candle / diffuser set which smells of a book shop or paperbacks.
  6. Extra strong Writer’s coffee.
  7. A magic literary wand which can be waved over a stinky first draft and magically replace it with an edited version.
  8. An idea for a future bestselling novel.
  9. The prettiest notebook money can buy.
  10. A talking coffee machine which tells you to get back to work!
  11. A large box with a giant bow on it, containing an editor for the day.
  12. A new tweed writer’s jacket.
  13. Writer pjs.
  14. A Writer’s Meditation course.
  15. Writer Superpowers. 

All these will be gratefully received.

See you soon x


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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

23 thoughts on “A Writer’s Christmas Gift List #writers #Christmas #Writer

      1. Yay! Santa was so generous this year! He also gave me a thicker skin – when someone said to me yesterday ‘I don’t like the sound of your story’ – I found myself saying ‘well I do – so there!’ Lol!

      2. No – I will be glad to see the back of 2015 as all I have had this year from non-writers is really horrid things. This year have been told I write like a 9 year old, I can’t write, not to darken someone’s door with my writing (family member) and my blog is rubbish – all from people who know me. I tell you – when I publish my book and start to receive feedback from readers nothing will come close to these comments. It’s a wonder I am still writing! Will get off soap box and go drink some wine 🙂

      3. Wow. That’s just awful. Your blog is great, first of all, but the main thing is that you are creating something. The fact that people can’t respect that is just mind-boggling. Of course not everyone is going to like what we do, just as we don’t like the same writing as everyone else. I still respect the process though, and wouldn’t dream of putting someone down like that! And these are people you know, too. Yes, wine, and lots of it. Possibly with cheese and/or chocolate. Here’s to a much nicer 2016 xx

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