5 Benefits of Writing With A Hangover #writers #amwriting


If you find yourself in a weakened hungover state , don’t panic about your writing. 

There are hidden benefits:

1.  You are not alone! It seems that all the great writers have been there too!  As per this article, Joyce would rise late, after an inebriated evening spent belting out songs at the local boozer, and get his writing done in the early afternoon ‘when the mind is at its best’. Hemingway would stay up boozing but be at his typewriter by six the following morning. Francis Bacon used to paint hung over, though not because his mind was sufficiently numb to be able to concentrate, but because it was revved up: ‘I often like working with a hangover,’ he said, ‘because my mind is crackling with energy and I can think very clearly.’

2. The mind becomes focused. In your weakened state you can probably only cope with thinking about one thing. A change from normal life where you have hundreds of things zipping through your mind. This physical state will make you focus on your writing. You won’t have the energy to hop on social media and write at the same time. Your writing will benefit from being given your undivided attention. 

3. Characters are seen in a new light. You will find that in your weakened hungover state you will have little patience for whining or pathetic characters. As a result some characters may be overhauled during this time. Sounds harsh I know! 

4. Writing takes your mind off your hangover. If you do nothing and sit around moaning about how awful you feel I guarantee you will feel worse. 

Writing means the brain engages in something else and does not linger on all your ailments – head ache, tiredness, low mood etc.

5. Emotional scenes are easier to write. I always have a low mood with a hangover. The world always feels a darker place after a good night out. Its much easier to churn out a sad or paranormal scene with a hangover. 

It’s not great to have a hangover and I am sure my liver is not singing my praises. However I am using my writing to ease my suffering.

Happy Writing!

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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

16 thoughts on “5 Benefits of Writing With A Hangover #writers #amwriting

  1. The hair of the dog that bit me is giving me hair balls ^_^
    but on the up side its also easier to kill off characters since it feels less like murder and more like therapy….
    Happy holidays

  2. Oh goodness gracious. Tsk tsk. I’ve had only one hangover in my life and I sure as goodness do not want to be going back to that. Though, my hangover was brutal. I sat and stared at the wall all day unable to do much of anything, much less write. So I commend those capable of such a thing. As for me, I will go back to abstaining from this alcoholic beverage.

      1. You make me smile 🙂 am just doing a spot of character torture myself….just browsing through my book of ‘horrible things that can happen to characters’ – sigh!

  3. Found this timely for me. Feel like I’m in a hungover state on my first edit & revision. It was like a party beyond parties to finally finish a novel, but then the reality of edits and we’ll all the gap fixes are like… Yea you get the drift. Hungover. Cheers to having a little hair of the dog to get you through.

  4. Most alcohol (apart from champagne) makes me feel so terrible that it’s best avoided, if I want to get any writing done. No chance of drinking enough champagne for a hangover because on the rare occasions it’s available, everybody would wants to share the bottle with me!

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