Things a Writer Might Say When Suffering From Writer’s Block #WritersLife #WritersBlock #Writer



  1. ‘I may never write anything again’ [cue look of despair]
  2. ‘Is there an emergency helpline I can call about this?’ [frantically searching Google]
  3. ‘I am creatively bunged up!’ [cue pained expression]
  4. ‘Why is this happening to me?’ [cue look of despair]
  5. ‘Everyone else is writing and I am sat here with nothing’ [cue tears]
  6. ‘I think I should give up writing!’ [quickly followed by a door slam]
  7. ‘I must email my writing friend again and tell them I am still  suffering!’ [types out 56th email of the week]
  8. ‘My creativity has dried up’ [cue pained expression]
  9. ‘It’s over, the literary dream is over’ [quickly followed by loud wail]
  10. ‘Bet J.K. Rowling doesn’t get writer’s block like me’ [cue look of despair]
  11. ‘Think I might cry’ [clutch some tissues]
  12. ‘I can’t stop crying!’ [cue sobbing]
  13. ‘I ate a block of cheese and nothing has happened. I still haven’t written anything’ [cue look of despair]
  14. ‘Writing was a nice hobby…..whilst it lasted’ [cue  loud sigh]
  15. ‘As soon as I wrote the title and Chapter One my brain went blank!’ [cue look of shock]
  16. ‘I got nothing!’
  17. ‘I don’t think my issue with my lifeless character has anything to do with this bout of Writer’s Block!’
  18. ‘My muse has left me!’ [wail!]
  19. ‘Words – where are you my little friends?’ [cue weird looks from loved ones]

Take it easy writers!


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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

27 thoughts on “Things a Writer Might Say When Suffering From Writer’s Block #WritersLife #WritersBlock #Writer

  1. Haha that’s true my personal favorite ” I guess my writing days are over and i am gonna get back to my normal life now” wow we writers are really dramatic jk we are the best and that’s a great post. P

  2. ‘Words – where are you my little friends?’ [cue weird looks from loved ones]…I’m still chuckling at that one 🙂 I haven’t tried the cheese block. Is that supposed to work? Or is it just a secondary effect of desperation?

  3. Best thing to do when writer’s block strikes, is to go and do something completely different. I disappear off to dig the allotment, or read a book in a different genre to the one I’m writing in (lest comparisons should be made!), or go for a long walk. Anything other than sitting in front of the computer or leaning over a notebook with the pen poised and feeling that emptiness of mind. Whatever, just give yourself a break!

  4. A few more as requested by the story reading ape by the way 👋👋👋Hi

    I’ve let everyone down.
    *sigh* I’ve been living a lie.
    I am a has been that hasn’t even been.
    *head down drags feet* I am a failure.
    Stuffs the last of the Christmas fudge , gets a sugar high breaks a tooth … Then remembers a funny story.
    This post made me smile, being a tad dramatic myself.

  5. Number 15 happens to me all the freaking time! LOL It’s why I turned to blogging, I can never finish a book.

    And I know famous writers also get writers block, but I can never picture JK Rowling not knowing the next line for Harry Potter LOL Too hard to imagine!

    ~ Sanaa

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