10 Things To Pack For Your 2016 Writing Journey #writers #writer #2016


Things to Pack For Your 2016 Writing Journey

  1. Confidence. Let’s all leave behind our literary insecurities that plagued us in 2015. We can all pack lots of confidence and go for it this year!
  2. New Ideas. Pack a couple of new story ideas for 2016. Don’t do anything with them just yet but have them tucked away in your back pocket. You never know when you might need them.
  3. Humour. Being a writer is not easy, in fact a lot of the time its rock hard and soul-destroying so you need to be able to laugh along the way. You can never have enough of this so be generous when packing.
  4. Team Spirit. We are all on the same literary journey and sometimes its nice to help encourage and support others along the way. Make sure your bags contain lots of this.
  5. Patience. Can we all take some of this? We need to be patient with our stories and not be too quick to hit the delete button. I am packing several jars of the stuff.
  6. Determination. Pack a couple of bags (minimum) of this for when things get tough. We will need it when we have to drag ourselves through those dark perilous writer days.
  7. Positivity. I am thinking – pack crates of this stuff!
  8. Thick skin. I am stuffing a lot of this into my case for 2016. This comes in useful for criticism, negative feedback and tear inducing throwaway comments (in my experience these hit you the hardest).
  9. Focus. We all need to include this. It’s important we stay focused in 2016. Without this we could end up lost or worse still – not writing / enjoying ourselves.
  10. Magic. We all could do with a little sprinkling of this in 2016, it comes in useful for:
  • Lucky literary breaks.
  • Game changing literary moments.
  • When you believe you are on to something.
  • When you could really do with the unthinkable happening.
  • When you feel you have reached your creative breaking point.
  • Whilst praying for a literary miracle.
  • Getting trapped in a broken lift with a literary agent.
  • Remembering that amazing idea you had at 2.08 A.M.
  • Sending your reviewers your eagerly awaited, badly written, first draft.
  • Asking a literary agent for your hand in marriage – sigh!
Happy New Year all and I wish you all the best for your 2016 literary journey 🙂

Anyone want a lift?

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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

51 thoughts on “10 Things To Pack For Your 2016 Writing Journey #writers #writer #2016

  1. #8 WTH? Delete that shite. Ain’t no body got time for mean people. (constructive criticism aside)
    I think the trolls are afraid of me or they haven’t found me yet. 😬
    You had one particularly nasty commenter this year and I’m glad they’re gone or blocked.
    Good packing list.

  2. Um… Quick question: Does sarcasm count in place of the humor category? I ask because not everyone likes my style of ‘humor’. :p

    Team spirit was definitely something I discovered these past few months in the Blogosphere. Previously I wrote in solitary and assumed other writers were competition, not friends. It’s interesting to see how we all work together and support each other and I daresay it has had a positive impact on my view of the writing world & my ability to take criticism. ^.^

    Psh! Magic. Who needs magic when you’ve got pure, raw, unchecked talent? *cracks knuckles cockily* :p Just kidding! A little magic does come in handy. I prefer mine in the form of Pixie Dust! ^.^

      1. Oh my goodness – flash fiction using pixie dust as a prompt!!! What are you doing to me! (Blonde writer tries to control herself by going into kitchen to have an excited writer dance behind the fridge freezer)

  3. I loved this post. This list of ten things to pack on the writing journey is awesome. I believe the list is essential for all writers. I mean, we all know that being a writer can be so lonely and heartbreaking. Thank you for this list. 🙂

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