13 Things a Writer Might Say During a Late Night Writing Session #writers #blogbattle



  1. ‘I have just written something amazing…hello…is anyone going to congratulate me?…hello…where is everyone?’
  2. ‘Man I am writing some really deep stuff!’
  3. ‘Why oh why do they (characters) have to fall in love minutes before I plan to go to bed?’ Loud sigh!
  4. ‘It’s past midnight, I am trapped in a plot hole and I could really do with my Writer Fairy Godmother showing up!’
  5. ‘I can’t go to bed in the middle of this murder scene! Once they’re dead, and I am happy their death was convincing, I will get some sleep!’
  6. ‘Damn this first paragraph! It’s the early hours and it STILL doesn’t sound right. Must keep rewriting it!’
  7. ‘Shhhh! Quiet! Typos are close by. I must hunt them all down before dawn’
  8. ‘How can I go to sleep when these voices in my head are so loud?’
  9. ‘It must be late as I can’t stop writing unnecessary romantic  scenes’
  10. ‘My goodness I do have some evil thoughts about my characters in the small hours!’
  11. ‘I wish this character would hurry up and pass over as I need to get some shut eye!’
  12. ‘Can you wake up and make me a coffee? I know it’s late but I’m doing a spot of foreshadowing and cannot get distracted…..yes I know you have work in the morning …..but just think of me as the next J.K Rowling’ Sigh!
  13. ‘I do hope my  ‘in the cold light of day writer fairy’  doesn’t dampen my spirits after reading everything that I have written tonight!’

This is my entry into this week’s blog battle.

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The prompt for this week: Midnight.

Genre is non-fiction.

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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

30 thoughts on “13 Things a Writer Might Say During a Late Night Writing Session #writers #blogbattle

  1. There are times that the night sucks you in and the characters gain energy. Like children on Christmas morning ‘he’s been!’. Leaving you those presents you wish you could leave to the next day to open…

  2. Yes, the 3am “I gotta write” syndrome is pervasive among writers for all the reasons you’ve listed. Why toss and turn in bed when it’s so much easier to get up at 1am, spend 4 hours writing, get back to sleep at 5am, wake up at 7am, and sleep during your day job.?

    1. Yep! When I wrote this post I did think of you as you are always setting up blog links for blog battle as I am eating breakfast and I am like ‘what time is it over there?’lol!!

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