The Signs of an Author Crush #Books #Reading #AuthorCrush

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There are some authors out there who you just connect with. Their writing whisks you off to a magical place in your head. They write wonderful books, create beautiful worlds and in your eyes must walk on water in their spare time.

You think they are amazing and often find yourself wondering whether you are experiencing an author crush.

Here are some tell-tale signs of an author crush:

  1. You have read all of your author’s books (even their first novel which was dire but in your eyes it was a literary masterpiece) and you know each one inside out (key scenes and page numbers).
  2. Quoting key phrases from their books to loved ones, work colleagues and passing strangers is something you do in everyday life.
  3. You talk about their books in such granular detail you sound like you were the one who wrote them.
  4. You hold the belief that they are amazing and spend your life crying out ‘I can’t believe they write stuff like this!’ and ‘I wish I was biologically related to them!’
  5. You struggle with writing your author a book review as you end up getting emotional and sounding like a crazed stalker fan. 45 failed attempts at writing a review of their latest literary masterpiece left you with an empty box of tissues, an aching heart and puffy eyes.
  6. You have met them in person and you were star struck / lost for words.
  7. You tweet them like crazy however they never acknowledge your tweets. This doesn’t bother you as you know they are busy,  creating something wonderful, or just being amazing. Sigh!
  8. Their characters are like close family to you. When a character from one of their books dies you enter a period of mourning; carry around book, wear black, adopt glum expression and weep a lot.
  9. Loved ones and those around you are sick of you blabbering on about your special author.
  10. When you have a life problem you always stop and think about what [enter author name of choice] would do?
  11. You are not yourself around the time of their latest novel launch. The only thing on your mind is to get hold of their new material, lock yourself away, devour it and then inform an uninterested loved one that your author’s book just made the ground move for you. Sigh!

If anyone has any other signs to add to my list let me know!

Enjoy those author crushes!

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45 thoughts on “The Signs of an Author Crush #Books #Reading #AuthorCrush

  1. I can’t help noticing all we fellas in the Roxy fan club… As for author lust, you sniff between the pages certain the essence of them is there to be ingested in industrial scale health giving non fattening quantities…

  2. Another sign: You read get each novel as soon as it is published and start to read it when you go to bed. You put the book down, but still want to know what happens next so you pick it up again and read till you are dropping off. An hour later you still want to know. By four in the morning you have finished the whole novel. Next day you start to read it again to see how the author got you so gripped. (The authors concerned were originally Anne McCaffrey and more recently Dannika Dark).

  3. You have a screen capture of that one time when you commented on their blog and they actually took the time to click the LIKE button! OMG! The blood from their very body ran down to the extremity of their index finger and then depressed the left button on the mouse all in an effort to LIKE something that YOU wrote. Kill me now. It gets no better than this.

  4. No, no, no, silly. I stalk him on his blog endlessly and I comment all the time. But one time he actually LIKED one of my comments. It was bliss. Seeing the email in my email inbox. “XX liked your comment…” I could have died. I think I might have, actually.

  5. Oh my goodness! This is quite intense. I could imagine people doing this… but not myself. :p I suppose, I can’t see myself doing this because I’ve become so critical of books since I started reviewing. I used to read books for fun and have a nostalgia for them. Yet, forcing myself to think about them in their styles and actual plot points, it’s made me see that I don’t really love anyone’s work enough to do this. Goodness knows I probably was like this with celebrities when I was younger, but I’ve gotten over that, too. They’re just people, after all. Not gods. :p

  6. Lucy, I had a big chuckle at this part: “45 failed attempts at writing a review of their latest literary masterpiece.” Yeah, that’s why I haven’t written one of my musical heroes (not to mention the still-living literary ones, though I had a dream that I was going to meet Margaret Atwood the other night, and I was speechless in the dream, too). I feel like, pfft, s/he’s heard it before, etc. But then I had this funny thought yesterday, signaling my change in perspective, I guess, that “what if someone else knew my writing better than I do?” and you’ve captured this idea perfectly. It was a weird sea change for me to transform from writer-reading-oneself to the thought of what’s written taking on its own life in a reader’s mind/perspective. It really does seem to mimic parenting that way; you can talk and role-model and scold and encourage and so on, but, in the end, they’ve got to be their own person. There’s another post in the making: knowing when to ‘let go’ on one’s novel or story. 🙂 I’m still learning that. It’s hard to let go!

    1. Yeah, and I, too, have (probably) given up on celebrity-crush tweeting, as they are doomed anyway. I’m generally not that ardent of a celebrity follower, but I have tweeted writing questions to Neil Gaiman (when requested), to no avail, and to writer/director Mel Brooks (totally unsolicited), probably a couple other famous people, but I’m not remembering them. As Melanie says above, in the end, they’re just humans … who, through various combinations of serendipity, good looks, coincidence, hard work, and skill/talent/expertise, have achieved success(es).

  7. You make it sound like behaving like this is a bad thing, but I’m sure J.K. Rowling (I just call her J.K., you cant that’s just our thing!) appreciates my dedication and that restraining order was just her way of arranging a meeting, although a court would not have been my first choice.

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