35 Reasons Why You May Have Bought That Book #reader #bookaddict #writers


  1. You want to read it.
  2. It has an interesting premise.
  3. It has a nice artistic cover.
  4. It is free.
  5. It is a decent price.
  6. The blurb on the back interests you.
  7. The first page enticed you.
  8. It is the latest book from your favourite author.
  9. It was recommended to you by someone you know and trust!
  10. It has some amazing online reviews. You have never seen such reader feedback outpouring.
  11. It came up by chance on a book search and you thought why not?
  12. A classic book and it is on your reading bucket list.
  13. Part of the series of books that you are reading and addicted to.
  14. It is about something similar that happened to you in your life.
  15. Everyone at work is talking about it and you want to see what all the fuss is about.
  16. You are bored and looking for something to do. You found yourself in a bookshop.
  17. You feel lonely and want to mix with some friendly fictional folk.
  18. You have heard that there are some really good naughty bits (sigh!) in this book.
  19. You have heard that it is really scary and you want to see how scary it is.
  20. You know the author personally. You have promised faithfully to buy it and write a review.
  21. You have recently watched the film and now you want to read the book.
  22. Everyone is talking about the plot twist in this book and you don’t believe you can be fooled by some pesky author.
  23. You are on a reading binge and craving more books.
  24. You are going on a long journey and need something to read.
  25. Its on your holiday reading list and for you to devour whilst lounging by the pool drinking cocktails.
  26. You and the author recently fell out and you have a sneaking suspicion that you have been turned into one of the characters.
  27. You have no intentions of reading it but you know it will look amazing on your book shelf.
  28. You had the idea for the book a few years ago, didn’t write it and now someone somewhere has beaten you to it and turned your amazing idea into a book. Sigh!
  29. You are trying to attract the attention of someone hot in the bookshop and buying this book will give the impression that you are very intelligent.
  30. You are going on a date with the author and you feel like you should get up to speed with their work so you can have interesting pillow talk. Sigh!
  31. People are saying its badly written and you want to feel good about your own writing. Loud sigh!
  32. You have a huge crush on the author.
  33. Its at the top of the book charts and you want to check out the competition. Sigh!
  34. Your friend claims it did things for her and she hasn’t been the same since.
  35. You wrote it!  Sigh!


If anyone has any other reasons for buying a book (the more bizarre the better) please let me know and I will add to my list.

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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

35 thoughts on “35 Reasons Why You May Have Bought That Book #reader #bookaddict #writers

      1. Actually, it’s an old tip for published authors, especially Indie ones. If you buy your own book on Amazon, you kick-start the “also bought” process. That way, your book appears as suggested reading to others.

  1. Haha! Who knew there were so many reasons to buy a book. :p I can’t honestly say that most of these apply to me, but apparently I’m a hipster. That being said, I tend to be unswayed by someone else’s recommendations and read something if it sounds good or not. Though, a fancy cover will be what catches my eye in the book store. Even so, if the blurb is boring, I’ll put it back down, no matter how dazzled I am. *.*

  2. ‘Sea Stirred’ turned out to be perfect story telling in every sense BUT only bought because someone told me it was ‘dialogue rich’ and I just wanted to see how it was laid out…so glad I did!

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