10 Things To Expect The Day After A Creative High #writers #amwriting


You have been in the throes of a creative high for some time (a good half hour / a couple of hours / a day / a couple of days). 

It has led to a mega writing session where words and ideas have quite simply poured out of you. Your draft novel has really started to grow.

There has been no time to marvel at what you have created as your brain has been too busy churning out words at an astonishing rate. 

Plus other writers have warned you against reviewing partially written drafts.

As you stagger to bed, feeling satisfied (creatively) and looking forward to dreaming about a Booker Prize nomination, you  wonder whether you will feel the same in the morning….

We all know that in Writing Land good things do  come to an end. Writer joy must be replaced with writer suffering. Sigh!

From the second you open your eyes, the next day, you know the creative high is well and truly over. Groan! 

Here is what to expect:

  1. You will feel rough the day after a creative high. All that energy used up whilst your creativity levels were soaring will have left you exhausted. Expect to take at least one writer nap, maybe a second later on in the afternoon to finish you off….
  2. You decide to ignore all advice about not going back to read through your partially written draft. The editing stage feels a long way off and you cannot contain your excitement. This is one of the fallouts from a creative high. The day after you are still very much blinded by your writing and this can result in an eagerness to read what you have written.
  3. As you start reading you can expect the arrival of your ‘In The Cold Light of Day Writing Fairy!’ – she really is a party pooper! Her arrival will put a dampener on your spirits. Your writing party is over!
  4. As you read through what you wrote during your creative high she will be whispering stuff like ‘not realistic!’ and ‘what were you thinking when you wrote that?’
  5.  You will wonder what chemical change in your brain occurred overnight because 24 hrs ago you were feeling euphoric about writing and now you are struggling to smile. 
  6. You and your ‘In The Cold Light of Day Writing Fairy‘ will wade through your work and in places it will sound like you were drunk on writing. Expect lots of groans and head shakes. 
  7. You will get the urge to look out of windows and stare into space a lot. 
  8. As your writing mood takes a nose dive so does your writing optimism. You will go from dreaming of a Booker Prize nomination to dreaming of finding a new hobby within 24 hrs. 
  9. A thirst for strong dark coffee. 
  10. A craving for comfort food / mainly carbs. You will have your head stuck in the food cupboard or fridge for most of the day. A delayed reaction to rocketing creative levels. You can forget about the diet!  It is such a shame when God gives with one hand (creative high / too busy to think about food) and takes away with the other! (mad carb cravings the next day)

The moral of this tale is to not go back and read through a partially written draft – the day after a creative high! 

Take it easy writers, coming down after a creative high is not easy. I suggest:

  • Lying down with a cold compress on your head.
  • Listening to some soothing music (whale or folk works for me!)

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    I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

    52 thoughts on “10 Things To Expect The Day After A Creative High #writers #amwriting

    1. I’ve got to the point that the cold light of day wrting fairy is ignored. As long as sentences make sense, the message is coming across and all that then it pretty much stays. The only thing I have to convey are the creations of my warped and twisted mind, if I sanitise it then what’s the point?
      Have a great Day Lucy! 🙂

      1. I’m with you. I enjoy reading yesterday’s work and it gets me back into the flow of my story. I don’t worry about editing at this point–just the story–and that seems to work. Also I’ve noticed that my best writing and my worst writing are all about the same in the cold light of day. 🙂

    2. I blog the odd scene as a bit of a scary reality check…indifference can be a cruel thing! … but as I haven’t been ripped yet I carry on regardless! I echo jade0207 too. Eric (the other one)

    3. Great advice! It is so true, Creative Highs can be so exhausting. I think the most I’ve written in one day is 5 500 words and the next day my brain felt fried.

        1. Yes, it was very exhausting on the poor old brain and body. If only I could write like that everyday and not get exhausted I’d be finishing novels like that *clicks fingers*

    4. All great words of wisedom, the trick is to keep writing, finish it. Then leave the finished piece or completed work for a couple of weeks and then go back or you will simply shred it.

    5. Since my writing time is so limited due to my day job, I try to have multiple project going simultaneously so I can jump from one creative high to another. It seems to work most of the time. When I’m really in a lull, I turn to reading instead of writing.

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