12 Things To Expect After Reading Too Many Vampire Apocalypse Novels #SundayBlogShare #Vampire #Books

Here are some things to expect after reading too much about the world ending and the place being overrun with vampires:

  1. Huge waves of life gratitude – you are not living through a vampire apocalypse.
  2. Increased vigilance for people displaying flu symptoms, vampire apocalypses in books always start with a virus.
  3. The urge to frantically pin apocalypse survival skills on Pinterest.
  4. Buying in more tinned and dried food during your supermarket shop. It’s amazing how reading a couple of these books can influence your weekly food shop.
  5. Binge watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Netflix.
  6. Bulk buying candles during your next supermarket shop for when the electricity goes.
  7. Thinking about what set off your vampire apocalypse reading binge?  Vampire love? Dry January? Marital strife? Change of coffee? Too much cheese?
  8. Increased garlic intake.
  9. Hesitation when your loved one goes to kiss you. It always starts with the ones you know!
  10. Joy at reading something from a different genre, lighter perhaps, with a happier ending.
  11. New appreciation for your neck.
  12. Prayers. In the actual event happening you pray you are bitten by a vampire who looks similar to your fictional vampire crush (in my case Dr Cullen – Twilight – Edward’s Dad) and not the crazed old woman up the street!

Take care out there readers!

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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

15 thoughts on “12 Things To Expect After Reading Too Many Vampire Apocalypse Novels #SundayBlogShare #Vampire #Books

  1. Am thinking of the big sex scene between Spike and Buffy. From what I can remember, the crypt was half-wrecked! Violent lust with a vampire. Just loved that series. In fact, was addicted to it when it first came out. Also loved Angel 🙂

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