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Hi, I am Rachael Ritchey, I want to thank my great writer friend, from across the pond, BlondeWriteMore herself, for having me here today.

It’s always fun to skip on over and meet friends of my blonde friend!

Speaking of friends, it was from Rachel Thompson of BadRedHeadMedia that I’ve learned this fantastic secret to blogging that I just had to share with you all because that’s what friends do. And appropriately, I discovered this little gem while reading through her great article called Here’s How to Write The Ultimate Guest Post.

See, one thing most of us struggle with as bloggers and writers is coming up with great, eye-catching, SEO driving headlines for our posts!

I admit I’m pretty terrible at it. Every once in a while I’ll come up with something great, but most of the time I’ve failed in this department.

Rachel (not me Rachael, but the other, red-headed one) introduced me to a great and free tool to help write amazing headlines for all my articles.

The tool is from a company called CoSchedule.

Let me give you an example from my own blog.

I posted a quote from my latest book, Captive Hope, and called it Character Wisdom. CoSchedule’s analyzer gave it a C- mainly because it’s missing everything that might make it personally applicable to my audience, plus there’s nothing there for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to really grab onto and promote.

Okay, so Character Wisdom pretty much stinks!

Let’s try something else using the analyzer.

I don’t want to advertise my post or its contents falsely, so I need to really pay attention to the point of the post. It’s a quote about our lives and how there are so many paths to choose.

How about we try When A Book Character Explains Life?  That title earns a sixty-three, but is still in the yellow. It’s better than the zero earned from the first title. But we can do better.

We want a score in the green.

The Paths of Your Life Are Infinite
. Ahh, that’s closer with a score of sixty-nine!

Once more: A Question of Every Life: Which Do You Choose? scores seventy-one on the great-headline-o-meter!

There could definitely still be a better title, but my goal is to get that analyzer in the green. The more adept we become at this, the easier it will be to make winning titles and headlines for all our articles.

Using this tool really helps me figure out the best possible way to promote my posts.

If you’re like me, you want people to actually read what you write, so it’s important that the title grabs attention while accurately reflecting the content.

What do you think about the evolution of these titles?

Was there one in particular you liked better?

Do you have any other ideas for a great title for the quote post?

Oh! I still want to come up with one for this guest post! Let’s try a few here. Hmmm, how about Optimizing Your Headline? Ouch. That gets a score of thirty-nine.

Let’s try How to Create a Headline that Works for You. Now we’re talking! That gets a score of seventy-four.

Another good one with a whopping score of seventy-seven is One Super Easy Way to Improve Your Headlines.

The search engines will like either of these and so will anyone who wants to write better headlines!

Let’s try one more example here just to make sure we get the idea.
I have been posting about my new book, Captive Hope, quite a bit lately, but I’ve been struggling with drawing attention to it. I wrote a short piece about one of the characters from the book. I titled it Ahmad & Motivations. Lame right? CoScheule’s awesome analyzer thinks so, too.

I tried this: Advice for Writers: Character Decisions Need Motivation, but I don’t really think it’s my best choice based on the context of the post even though it scored a nice seventy.

After many tries and fails, I decided to go with this: Writing Characters is Easy When You Understand Their Motivation. It earns a score of seventy-one and better aligns with the post’s purpose.

What do you think? Is this tool helpful? Do you think using it has improved my headlining skills?
I think I’ve given you enough examples! Now for the fun part.

Find one of your own blog post titles, go to CoSchedule’s analyzer (at the bottom of their Write Better Headlines post), and enter in your title to find out its score.

It might take a while to get the title tweaked to receive a score above 70, but you can do it! And once you do, you’ll be hooked.

Thanks again, Blonde IBFF for having me on your blog! It has been a real treat!

Cheers Rachael – some of my blonde post headlines scored 9 – loud sigh!  Now that is an achievement!

Best of luck with the book! If you ever want me to model a cover let me know 🙂
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I am a blonde writer of romantic comedy fiction.

78 thoughts on “One Super Easy Way to Improve Headlines #bloggers #writers #bloggingtips

  1. You are a superstar, Lu! Thanks so much for having me guest on your blog. It was super fun, and I hope the post will be helpful, too! If nothing else, if you’re like me, the whole title brainstorming process can be pretty fun. 🙂

  2. Now I am going to see where I get it from and give it a shot. This is interesting and I for one need to find followers that comment/review and stay with my blog. Thank you Lucy.

    1. I hope you find it helpful, Ellen! There’s always something new to learn, and SEO often has me stumped. Hence the reason I’m always looking for ways to make it easier, like an awesome headline analyzer! 🙂 Cheers!

      1. Do you use it much? I found it tricky to balance it, I’ve got a post on Monday where I’ve deployed it. I want to get some more out to try it properly

      2. I only knew about it when Rachael sent me her guest post. This morning I got 9 and just now I got 80. Its good however the proof will be in the pudding / stats!

      3. That’s what I thought when I was doing it. It was all very well but it took longer to sort the headline than to write the damn post.

      4. Lol, I say it like it is. If I get wicket doing it then that’s cool. But I’m not going to sit there for an hour at a time on the heading. I’ll leave it for the big pays I’ve put a lot of effort into.
        I’m sure you’re the same lol

  3. Very helpful! I am one of the world’s worst at naturally developing headlines though I have been periodically using a similar program and I think it’s helping me train my brain.

    1. Haha I know the feeling. When I first learned about the analyzer I thought, where have you been all my life? 🙂 Good news is its not too late to revamp some old titles and give them new life!

    1. Of course! You are most welcome. I’ve got myself a subscription to their blog now, thanks to you! 🙂 The analyzer was what got my attention, but the do have great content, much like your website.

  4. When I first started blogging, I didn’t have a problem writing headlines. I had no clue about SEO! Now that I’ve written 460 posts, I do have a harder time.
    Thanks for the advice! I will try out the program! I keep thinking if all my posts had hits like the few that get searched I’d be getting a thousand or more hits a day!

  5. I actually enjoy coming up with titles but now I’m wicked curious to “test” them. Thanks for the link! (I don’t pay attention to SEO at all. I know. Shame on me.)

    Lemon Shark out. 🐠

  6. What a useful (and fun!) tool this could be. Headlines are hard to come up with. Definitely something to give a go. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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